Five-year-old pedals in to 999 drama


By Kevin Duguid and Kirsty Topping

Five-year-old Rebecca McColl was at the centre of freak incident.

A LITTLE girl’s summer evening bike ride turned into a major 999 drama after her pyjamas got jammed in the pedals.

Rebecca McColl, five, was snarled so tightly that even a neighbour using a Stanley knife couldn’t cut her free.

And when her leg started to turn blue, a fire crew and ambulance team raced to the street in Whitburn, West Lothian.

Her mother, Janice, 48, said: “It was crazy, just a crazy situation. “

She said: “Rebecca was playing outside before bedtime when my daughter Melissa came running in and told me Rebecca’s foot was stuck.

“Her pyjamas got stuck in the pedal and it wrapped really tightly around her ankle.

“By the time I got out I had a pair of scissors.

“I just thought I’d try and get it off but I didn’t realise how tight it was. I just thought I’d be able to cut the pyjamas but nothing would cut it off and it was restricting her circulation.

“Everything we tried we couldn’t get it off. I even had Melissa run to a neighbour to see if he had any tools that we could take the pedal off with.”

She added: “A neighbour tried to get her free with a Stanley knife. We couldn’t cut her free and one of the neighbours ended up calling the fire brigade.”

Janice began to fear her by now highly distressed daughter would lose a leg or worse.

She said: “I was worried she would lose her leg, I was worried because it was turning blue.”

Janice continued: “The firemen ended up cutting her free and she was checked out by paramedics and they took her to hospital as a precaution.

The only injury Rebecca suffered was a red mark on her ankle and a graze on her leg.

Undeterred, she was back on her bike today – but wearing shorts.

“I just want to thank the firemen and all the people who helped out,’ said Janice.

A spokeswoman for Lothian Fire and Rescue Service said:

“Firefighters assisted a child who caught her pyjama bottoms in the sprocket mechanism of her bike.

“It was affecting the circulation to her lower right leg, causing pain and discomfort.

“We used cutting tools to release the material from the mechanism, freeing the child. She was treated by ambulance personnel and taken home to be assessed. “

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