Andy Murray says his mum’s cooking was “terrible”


ANDY Murray has revealed that his mother is a terrible cook.

The Scots tennis star said that Judy Murray rarely made anything from scratch and that he grew up on ready-made meals and canned vegetables.

In a recent interview with a Scots newspaper he said:

“My mum’s cooking was so bad. Everything was out of a can.

“We were talking about it a few weeks ago and I was saying

“your cooking was terrible.”

“The stuff that was nice was like the ready-made meals but she always used to give us all the veggies and corn out of tins.

“All of that stuff was not great.

“The only thing that I used to like, and still like now, is pears and custard.

“The pears out of the can and the custard. But the custard’s got to be cold – I don’t like warm custard. “

But Andy added that his grandmother, Shirley Erskine, is an excellent cook she just didn’t pass on the skills to her daughter.

Judy Murray has recently made comments about a poor diet being the cause of obesity in young Scots.

She said young people were drowning

“in a diet of chip fat served with an unhealthy dollop of youth and parental indifference to exercise.”

Andy Murray will face Spain’s Daniel Gimeno-Traver in the first round of Wimbledon tomorrow (Mon).

And he hopes that this will be sixth-time lucky in his quest for the title.

He added:

“The thing that energises me is the chance to win Wimbledon, having that opportunity now.

“When I first started out, I wasn’t playing to be Wimbledon champion, I was playing just to get the chance to play at Wimbledon.

“And now I have the chance to compete for the tournament and that’s great. It gives you a big boost.

“I’ll deal with things better this year than I did last year because I just know what I want to do and what I need to do to get ready for the tournament now.

“And, once the tournament starts, I really, really enjoy Wimbledon. It’s different to all of the other slams and I do enjoy it. “

Speaking of his main competition, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, Murray said:

“Every era has great players in it and right now we’ve got the two best ever.

“I think they’ve been unbelievable. But it’s fun.

“I’ve played against Roger many times, I’ve beaten him a lot of times and it’s great to have had that chance.

“He’s probably the best player ever to play the game and I’ve won against him seven times. For me, that’s excellent.

“I think that I’m playing better tennis and I’m a better player now than I was at this time last year and maybe than Rafa is and Roger is.

“Novak is playing better for sure but I believe that, if I play me best tennis, I can win. “

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