Young women seeking Botox to be like Katie Price


Young women aspire to look like Katie Price

MORE and more young women are seeking Botox injections – years before they have any wrinkles.

Some of the women are as young as 19 and are desperate for a

“frozen’ look like glamour model Katie Price.

And Scots cosmetic and plastic surgeon, Darren McKeown, has revealed that he has turned away several young women because they don’t need the treatment.

He said:

“It’s a look many people associate with wealth and status and they want to have it as a symbol of affluence.

“They’re desperately driven to want a blank, expressionless face. And I’m taking about young patients who have barely a line on their faces.

“It would be unethical to inject the muscle-freezing treatment on

“fashion grounds’ when there are no lines or muscle twitching problems.

“I know they will go elsewhere to non-medical Botox practitioners, but that is their decision. “

Leading neuropsychologist Dr David Weeks believes the trend is a sad statement about the ambitions of young women.

He said:

“Katie Price has become a role model for some young women with little sense.

“They lack confidence and self-esteem as well as the ability to make decisions for themselves.

“It’s a ridiculous decision for any teenager or young woman in her 20s to make.

“This lack of confidence is a sad reflection on the resources this country devotes to health education for young people. “

And he also thinks the trend will be soon taken up by men.

He added:

“They’ll follow on as soon as a similar male role model comes along. There is often a few years of a gap between men following women in copy trends. “

Being Botoxed for years put an end to Katie Price’s Hollywood dreams.

She was turned down by top drama school, the Lee Strasberg Institute, last November.

The school told her she didn’t have the ability to express herself.

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