Susan Boyle to make appearance on China’s Got Talent


SUSAN Boyle has learned Chinese for her appearance on the country’s version of Britain’s Got Talent.

The star confirmed her attendance in a video clip broadcast by the programme makers.

Speaking from what appeared to be her Blackburn home, she said:

“Hi I’m Susan Boyle and I’m really looking forward to being a guest on China’s Got Talent next month. “

The Scots songstress also addressed Chinese fans in their native language but hints of her Scottish accent still shone through.

Susan Boyle will perform to a television audience of around 400 million as well as thousands attending at Shanghai’s Grand Stadium.

The final episode will be aired on 10 July and the singer is set to sing a few classical songs with some local acts.

But organisers have revealed that her contract to appear was signed months ago.

They wanted to keep quiet in case the Britain’s Got Talent finalist cancelled because of health reasons.

Last year she was scheduled to appear on Jiangsu Satellite TV’s NY Eve special and cancelled last minute citing poor physical and psychological health.

China’s Got Talent is one of the country’s top-rated TV programs and is known for having some weird and wonderful acts.

Contestants included a boy scientist called

“lighting man’ who moves an electrical current around with a homemade coil.

Other bizarre acts included a woman who “throat warbles” with a metal object in the back of her mouth and a woman who manipulates a mouthful of 5-cm boar’s teeth to display unusual patterns.

The program is part of Simon Cowell’s “Got Talent” franchise, which now has versions broadcasting in more than 30 countries.

The 2010 winner was an armless pianist who played the piano with his toes.

23-year-old Liu Wei lost his arms after suffering an electric shock when playing hide-and-seek when he was 10.

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