Widow heartbroken over double crash deaths


A DEVASTATED widow has told of her heartache at losing both her husband and grandfather in hit-and-run accidents.

Lisa Douglas lost her husband Martin at New Year when he was struck outside the Edinburgh Playhouse by an off-duty police man.

The 25-year-old officer initially continued on his journey before returning to the scene.

Mrs Douglas also lost her grandfather, Thomas Mellon, in a hit-and-run accident 15 years ago.

He suffered fatal head injuries when the wing mirror of a car hit him on the Cowgate in Edinburgh.

Now the heartbroken widow is demanding a fresh enquiry into the death of her 41-year-old husband after the charges against the police officer were dropped.

She said

“When I went to a meeting at the procurator fiscal’s office, I was told they were dropping the charges because the officer had returned seven minutes after the accident.

“I was told he was being given the benefit of the doubt, which is disgusting.

“The officer did not hand over his phone to be checked. He obviously knew his rights.

“I bet if the situation was reversed and Martin had knocked him down then Martin’s phone would’ve been checked.

“I’m not saying the police officer is to blame. It may well have been Martin’s fault when he was crossing the road. But I’ve been left haunted by unanswered questions so I want a new investigation. “

After finding out that there would be no prosecution, Mrs Douglas asked for a fatal accident inquiry to be held.

She added:

“I was told there would be no fatal accident inquiry because the charges have been dropped. I’ve got a few days left to decide whether I want to lodge a private prosecution, but I’ve been advised that the worst the officer could get is three penalty points.

“I just want some answers and justice for Martin. “

Mr Douglas had three children with his wife, Martina, 16, Thomas, 15, and Ben, seven, and a 19-year-old son from a previous relationship.

He was out celebrating Hogmanay with his wife and other relatives when he was struck as he left CC Blooms nightclub at around 4.20 am.

Mrs Douglas said:

“I left the nightclub a minute after Martin so I only heard the bang. When I went over to Martin, his eyes were open a bit but he couldn’t speak.

“When I got to the ERI I was put in a family room then a nurse came in and told me Martin had died. I was hysterical, I just couldn’t believe it was happening.

“I’ve lost two stone in weight and I’m on medication for stress. I’ve not been to sleep i my bed since it happened.

“I sleep on the sofa because I feel like if I don’t go upstairs to bed alone then Martin isn’t really gone.

“It’s been even more painful because I lost my granddad in a hit-and-run. He looked after me as a girl and when he died Martin was my rock. Now I’ve lost both of them. “

A police spokesman said a

“full investigation’ into Mr Douglas’ death had been conducted.

He added:

“As a result of this investigation, a report was sent to the procurator fiscal, who after consideration of the evidence decided that there should be no criminal proceedings.

“Mr Douglas’ family were kept fully updated as to the progress of the investigation as it was carried out, and we have expressed our deepest condolences to them for their loss. “

A Crown Office spokeswoman said:

“There has been a very detailed and thorough investigation of the death of Martin Douglas by the police and the procurator fiscal.

Crown Counsel have also considered all the circumstances and the available evidence and concluded that a fatal accident enquiry was not appropriate.

“The reasons for the decision have been fully explained to the family of Mr Douglas and the procurator fiscal has kept them informed throughout the investigation. “

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