Labour calls for council leaders to quit over trams


LABOUR has called for Edinburgh council leaders to resign over the troubled trams project.

The party has accused the SNP – Liberal Democrat coalition of failing to provide political leadership.

And say that council leader Jenny Dawe and deputy leader Steve Cardownie should quit.

Labour transport spokeswoman Lesley Hinds said that a 2007 Audit Scotland report on the trams showed a project that was deliverable and robust.

She added:

“It was clearly not without problems, but with good management and political leadership I believe it was on course to being delivered.

“Since then the project has completely unravelled and we are left with the mess before us today.

“I believe there has been a real lack of political leadership with regards to the tram project. We have a council leader who has consistently sought to duck the issue. “

But Councillor Cardownie said that the SNP had been consistent in its opposition to the trams and had been proved right.

“I’ve said before that this project is Holyrood on wheels – the trouble is we haven’t seen the wheels yet. “

A full meeting of the city council tonight (Thur) will determine whether the project will be scrapped, at an estimated cost of 740 million, complete the route from the airport as far as Haymarket for 700 million or take it to St Andrew Square for 773 million.

The Lib Dems are set to back the St Andrew’s Square option while Labour supports going to Haymarket, but leaving the door open for extending it to St Andrew’s Square

“once more information is confirmed about the risks and funding involved. “

The SNP is calling for a referendum to let the people decide while the Conservatives were meeting today to decide which stance they would take.

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