Osprey chicks are ringed before going into wild


THREE Osprey chicks were ringed today (Fri) to allow their progress to be tracked over their lifetime.

The Tweed Valley Osprey Project in the Scottish Borders sees the young birds given two separate rings so that they can be spotted wherever they go.

One is made from metal and contains a serial number while the other is a large plastic ring with numbers specific to that particular bird.

This means that anyone with a telescope or camera can easily find out where the bird has come from and how old it is.

The 3-4 week old chicks which were brought down from their nest, tagged and put back safely by Tony Lightley, Conservation Manager and licensed ringer of the Forestry Commission Scotland.

Diane Bennet, Tweed Valley Opsrey Project officer, said:

“We are really delighted, it’s been a conservation success story.’We can find out which of the birds return here to the Borders. “

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