Pix: Racing Pigeons Killed


Pic Katielee Arrowsmith/Deadline News

MORE than 50 racing pigeons worth 30,000 have been beaten to death in a suspected revenge attack.

Sickened pensioner Brian O’Neill told today how he found a scene of utter horror when he visited the prize-winning birds at their loft in Edinburgh.

A thug armed with a stick had battered 42 adult birds and 10 babies to a pulp. Some of the birds were still recovering from a mammoth flight from France to Scotland only the week before.

Mr O’Neill, 70, discovered the scene of devastation on Saturday morningHe said: “I felt absolutely sick, sick to the pit of my stomach.

“The lofts have a dowel front and they’d pulled that off, the padlock hadn’t been touched. There was feathers and blood everywhere. The birds would have had no way to escape.

“A stick had been used to break their necks and backs.

“They killed all the birds inside, except one but that died last night. I was trying to look after it but it must have been too badly injured inside.”

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