Motorists queuing for non-existent roadworks


MOTORISTS using a busy city centre route have been left queuing for non-existent roadworks.

Contractors McKean & Co were carrying out work on the road in Edinburgh’s Fountainbridge.

But the firm have now gone bust and traffic restrictions on the road have remained in place leaving motorists in lengthy tailbacks.

Officials said that legal restrictions prevented road bosses from putting up signs to advise drivers of what was happening.

The firm went into administration on 13 June but it was only on Monday morning that Edinburgh Council’s traffic information department became aware of this.

But officials said that there had been

“legal constraints’ within the administration process that prevented the council from working on the site or making public any information about the contractor.

A council spokeswoman said:

“We are due to start talks with the new contractors this week and aim to have work resume as quickly as possible.

There are currently around 500 sets of roadworks ongoing or about to begin in the Capital.

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  1. This is nothing new.
    I’d say about 80% of the roadworks I see are non-existent.
    There are no workers in the road, contrary to what the signs would have you beleieve, there is nothing wrong with the road except that it has cones on it, so go ahead and ignore these restrictions.

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