Edinburgh hit by flood flashers


By Kirsty Topping

The cheeky motorists stripped off to push their car

TWO cheeky drivers took the term flash-flooding rather literally when they stripped naked to push their car from the water.

The pair stunned onlookers when they removed all of their clothes as they attempted to push a Ford people carrier that got stuck during the heavy flooding that hit Edinburgh last Friday.

The daring duo was snapped by insurance worker Stephen Loy, who was out taking pictures of flood damage, on Mayfield Road in the Liberton area of the city.

He said:

“I jumped out of the car to take pictures of the water damage and as I was walking over I saw these two guys starkers pushing a car in the flood.

“People from the pub and the local garage came out to watch them.

“The guy in the tracksuit helping must have known them as well, because you’d hardly go and help two naked men pushing a car would you? “

Landlord of the nearby Braidburn Inn, Leonard Jack, added:

“It was pretty puzzling because they’d surely be soaking when they put the clothes back on. “


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