Flood Flasher reveals himself


By Claire Cameron

Matt Prowd seems ‘proud’ of his naked antics.

ONE of Edinburgh’s mystery flood flashing duo has been revealed as an Australian bloke inspired by Dutch courage.

The pair made headlines after they stripped off during flooding in the city to help a stranded motorist.

The man in the centre of the famous image can now be revealed as Matt Prowd, 26, from Brisbane.

And while the sunny climate of his native land could explain wearing as little as possible, Matt put his Scottish strip down to being


Matt’s ‘cheeky’ antics caught on camera.

Matt said he had been playing golf when rain hit, dumping the average rainfall for the whole of July in just three hours.

As he travelled home with friends he noticed another driver trying to budge his vehicle in knee-deep water.

Prowd, who admitted

“some drink’ had been involved, said he was inspired by

“Dutch courage’ to assist the motorist.

Shrugging off his antics as

“just a couple of guys having a good time’, he said:

“There had been some alcohol consumed and we had been playing golf when the heavens opened.

“We got out the car and were splashing about in the puddles and then saw a car in distress at the bottom of the hill and thought he could do with some help.

“The kits came off and we helped to get him out of the water. There were high fives all round from people watching. “

But some motorists were less impressed with the unusual aid method.

Neil Moulding, 35, recorded the startling footage of the nudist duo. Also noticing the car in distress, Mr Moulding said it was a

“shock’ as he witnessed the bizarre rescue.

“Two naked bodies jumped out on to the road, one of them with a chauffeurs cap in his hand looking like something out of the Full Monty, and started pushing the car out.

“The guy trapped in the car looked completely shocked.

“They then jumped back into the car, gave us a look and a laugh then drove off. “

Asked why he had felt so compelled to get naked, Matt was unrepentant. He said:

“It was an altruistic thing to do – helping others out and giving them a laugh at the same time. “

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