The news in briefs: Scots soldiers issued with bomb-proof pants


By Kirsty Topping


The pants will protect the soldiers’ groins from bomb blasts

SCOTS soldiers fighting against the Taliban in Afghanistan are being issued with the latest protective gear – bombproof pants.

The troops have taken delivery of 45,000 pairs of the underwear, which is designed to protect the soldiers’ groins from IED blasts, and another 15,000 have been ordered.

The underpants were designed after soldiers revealed that their biggest fear, aside from death, was losing their reproductive organs in a bomb blast.

Soldiers are routinely issued with protective armour for the head and body but until now nothing has existed to protect the groin region.

The scientifically developed underwear is made using a three layer system of clothing and armour and includes detachable padding and armoured trousers.

Army medics at Camp Bastion’s field hospital have already reported the garments success at helping prevent serious injuries.

Major General Bill Moore, the army’s Master of General Ordnance and the man responsible for the pants, said he had received positive feedback about the clothing from servicemen and women.