Charity looks to social media for new success


By Kirsty Topping


The charity is offering special deals to customers who “check in” using FourSquare

A SCOTS charity has become the first in the UK to launch on a social media site which allows users to publish their location online, and will offer special deals to people who visit their shops.

Homeless charity Shelter Scotland is experimenting with the technology and hopes it will tempt more people into their stores.

The charity has rolled out the scheme at their eight Edinburgh shops, and plans to take it nationwide if the trial is a success.

Customers with a GPS-enabled phone can download an app for the FourSquare site, which also allows users to publish pictures and reviews.

Visitors to the stores will be offered a buy two, get one free deal on their first visit, with further discounts for those who visit the shops regularly.

Local businesses are also taking part by offering deals such as two for one on drinks and snacks in the area.

Gordon MacRae, Head of Communications and Policy at Shelter Scotland, said:

“This is an innovative and fun way for us to appeal to a new generation of supporters. Social networking has become part of every day life and Shelter Scotland is proud to move with the times – becoming the first charity to engage digitally through FourSquare.

“Our hope is that FourSquare will enable us to spread the word to a new generation of Shelter Scotland supporters. “

FourSquare is a rapidly growing site with millions of users. It is estimated that there are around 3 million

“check ins’ on the site every day.

The charity is also giving customers the chance to win a set of designer prints – providing they visit all eight Edinburgh stores.

Designer Stina Jones has designed eight pin badges, one for each store, and those who collect all eight will be entered into the prize draw.


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