Edinburgh tram head tried to hide golden goodbyes.


The trams have been a thorn in the city of Edinburgh’s side

By Kevin Duguid

THE FORMER head of Edinburgh’s tram project has been criticised for trying to block details of the pay deal he received after leaving his role.

Richard Jeffrey stepped down after two years as chief executive of the council-owned TIE last month.

He is believed to have pocketed a hefty severance package, but does not want the details made public.

Mr Jeffrey is said to have made a

“personal objection’ to the figures being revealed.

Deputy council leader Steve Cardownie, said the former TIE boss’ reluctance to release the details was

“rather suspicious.”

The payoff could be

“lucrative’ he added.

Mr Jeffrey announced his decision to leave the project in May and was reportedly expected to leave with a payoff of up to a year’s salary, said to be 150,000 plus other benefits.

TIE’s outgoing head of communications Mandy Haeburn-Little, who is reportedly paid between 120,000 and 138,000 a year, has said she neither applied for nor was offered severance pay.

Cllr Cardownie said:

“Details of his severance pay should be in the public domain as it’s public money.

‘All councillors and senior officials’ remuneration is made public and he should be treated no differently.

‘The fact he doesn’t want it published makes me rather suspicious that it could be quite lucrative.’

A spokesman for TIE declined to comment, saying:

“HR matters are a personal matter for staff.’

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