Pix: Green Goddess For Sale


Pic Katielee Arrowsmith/Deadline News

Lyon & Turnbull offer you the last chance to buy one of the famous Green Goddess fire engines at auction on Saturday the 23rd July 2011.

Valued at a modest 3,000 the Bedford RLHZ Self Propelled Pump or Fire Engine was used originally by the Auxillary Fire Service (AFS), and latterly by the British Armed Forces.

This particular famous green-painted vehicle was built in 1955, a year before the Green Goddess actually stopped production in 1956.

Paul Roberts Vice Chairman of Lyon & Turnbull said

“The distinctive Goddess has always been with us in times of trouble and strife; indeed, that’s what it was designed for – to roll into action in the event of a nuclear attack. They would have been driven by civilian volunteers from the Auxiliary Fire Service. ”

They have mostly been in the hands of the Army when the Fire Brigade has gone on strike. In 1977, 1,000 of them were in service, crewed by 20,000 servicemen.

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