Murdoch gets a grilling at Edinburgh burger joint


By Amanda MacMillan

A customer rises to the Murdoch’s challenge

A FAST food restaurant is ensuring that News International boss Rupert Murdoch gets well and truly grilled.

Wannaburger in Edinburgh has put the Rupert Murdoch burger on its menu with the tagline

“can you hack the heat.”

With Cajun beef, Cajun bacon, jalapenos and cheese the burger is packed with lots of spice.

David Bee, 22, a supervisor at Wannaburger, said:

“The burger has been very popular since we put it in the menu last week.

I haven’t tried it myself but I imagine that it’s tasty.

“We get a few people coming in looking at the specials board. As with all of the specials they draw quite a bit of attention. “

And he added that this isn’t the first time the restaurant as made a headline-worthy burger.

He said:

“We have a special for whatever is going on in the media.

“We have had a Ryan Giggs burger with the tagline

“Try to keep this one quiet’ and that was a big sell-out.

“We also had the Wayne Rooney hair transplant burger with the tagline

“This will put hairs on your head.”

“We try and always come up with a fresh one and they are all media related. “

Speaking of the Murdoch burger he added:

“It’s relevant to be put on here becaus

With cajun spice and jalapeno peppers, the Murdoch Burger is one hot topic

e it’s one of the biggest stories happening just now.

“It’s the hottest burger that we sell.

“It has Cajun bacon which has never really been done before but people are loving it. It’s very spicy. “

The burger is the brainchild of Wannaburger owner John Clements and costs 3.95 for a single burger or 4.95 for a double. The specials board asks customers

“Wanna spice up your life?.”

Lena Binnington, 19, from Canada but living in Edinburgh, came into the shop to sample one of the burgers.

She said:

“It was fabulous. I definitely

“hacked’ the beef.

“I chose the burger because I thought it was very clever and I was up for the challenge.

“I would recommend it to my friends and I would definitely come back for some more. “

Rupert Murdoch appeared in front of the Commons culture, media and sport committee yesterday (Tues).

The media mogul and his son, James, faced questions from MPs about the News of the World phone hacking scandal.

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