Giant three kilo burger challenge at Scots hotel


The giant burger is made for 4-6 people to share

A GIANT burger weighing a whopping three kilos is on the menu at a restaurant in a Scots hotel.

And the feast is free to anyone who can eat it in 45 minutes or less.

The burger is topped with four eggs, cheese, coleslaw and salad and is on offer at Cross Keys in Kelso in the Scottish Borders.

Named after head chef David Whyte, the Mighty Whyte normally costs 30 and is intended as a meal for four people.

The roll weighs two kilos itself and the burger also comes with a kilo of chips.

If anyone is brave enough to try the burger challenge their leftovers will be weighed to determine the winner – unless someone manages to eat the whole thing.

The burger went on the menu at the hotel a few weeks ago but so far only one intrepid diner has had the nerve to attempt the Mighty Whyte.

The burger tips the scales at three kilos

David, who has been head chef at the Cross Keys for the last three years, said:

“The idea for it came about when we were chatting about the famous Kiwi burger, which is something they have in New Zealand.

“It’s a burger with bacon and eggs and, as we have several New Zealanders on the hotel staff we wondered if we could make our own version. “

David added that the meal would normally be shared between four and six and would be sliced up at the table.

“However, we thought the challenge for one person to eat it would be a good way of giving it and the hotel a bit of publicity, as well as just a bit of fun at a time when there’s been a lot of doom and gloom about because of the economic situation.

“It’s proving quite popular with groups of people. I have heard on the local grapevine that there are at least a dozen guys in the town who fancy their chances at managing a whole one all by themselves.

“If anyone can’t manage it, they have to pay, but they can take what they can’t manage home with them. So far, lots of people who have tasted the burger say it’s the best they have ever tried.

Chef David Whyte attempts to eat the giant feast

“We’ve now got great fish and chips and pizza and we thought,

“right, that’s those sorted. Let’s look at what we could do with burgers.” “

And he added that the burger is actually very reasonably priced with four burger meals costing around 40.

He said:

“It uses local produce, including the minced beef, and tastes fantastic. “

The challenge is part of the Civic Week in the Scottish Borders town.

As well as the Mighty Whyte the restaurant is offering a Punjabi-themed burger and also a burger with lots of chillies aptly named the Hell Burger.

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