Boil-in-the-bag black pudding to arrive in shops


BLACK pudding is getting a healthy steam treatment as a new boil-in-the-bag version launches on the market.

Made by Macsween, it is claimed that microwavable dish is healthier than the traditional version.

And it is ready in just 90 seconds making it one of the fastest fast foods available.

Jo Macsween (left), owner and director of Macsween, said:

“Microwaving black pudding isn’t something that’s done but we did research and people said they like the idea of a black pudding that was lighter.

“The idea is that it’s a convenience product. It’s incredibly easy to cook. “

In 2009 the company also launched microwavable haggis and vegetarian haggis.

Macsween added:

“The success of our microwavable haggis encouraged us to revisit our well-respected black pudding.

“My brother James and I spent many hours trying new recipes. And we talked to our customers and ran lots of tastings before the new Macsween black pudding emerged.

“It’s tasty and lightly textured and perfect for the health-conscious black pudding traditionalist.”

The 90-second black pudding is traditional with its compliment of barley, wheat, onion and seasoning.It is said to be healthier than other versions as it is steamed and has a lower fat content.

Macsween added:

“We did modify our recipe slightly to try and modernise it so we looked at cereal content and fat content.

“We’re not the lowest fat on the market because if you cut out too much you lose flavour. The calorie content is lower and there is less fat though. “

Black pudding, a pig’s blood sausage, is usually found in Scottish breakfasts.

But it has also gained popularity in restaurant menus in recent years.

A campaign has also been mounted by the makers of Stornoway black pudding to give the dish European protection status, meaning only black pudding made in the Lewis town could legally bear the name.John Quigley, chef at Glasgow’s Red Onion Bistro, regularly puts black pudding on his menu.

He said:

“There is no definitive way to cook black pudding as it’s not like raw sausage or bacon.

“Some deep fry it, others grill it and some fry it lightly in a pan to give the exterior a good texture.

“I’ve never tried a black pudding heated in this fat-free way before, but if it works then it’s got to be better than deep frying it in batter like some do. “

The microwavable black pudding was launched at the Royal Highland Show and will appear on the shelves of Asda’s Scottish stores from September 2011.

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