Cat-napper caught on CCTV abducting pet


Max the cat is snatched from outside his owner’s flat.

A CAT-NAPPER has been caught on camera stealing a prized pet from outside its owner’s flat.

Max, a valuable ten-year-old Russian Blue, was bundled into a car by a woman in the Fountainbridge area of Edinburgh while he was out for an evening run.

But the woman’s crime, which happened outside owner Malcolm Oswald’s flat, was secretly captured on camera.

And Mr Oswald, who initially thought his pet had eaten been by a fox, has offered a cash reward for the return of the cat.

The CCTV footage, recorded on Sunday at 11.30pm, has been handed to police, who have launched a probe into the offence.

Mr Oswald, 57, said the theft has left his family deeply upset. He said:

“I don’t let Max out during the day here, as it’s not really a suitable area, but at night this is a nice quiet street. He normally goes out for about half an hour, but on Sunday night when I put him out I checked ten minutes later and he was gone.

“By Tuesday I had decided he had been eaten by a fox or something awful like that. Then I decided to look at the CCTV and I couldn’t believe it.

“I’m terrified that this person has taken him away to do something cruel to him. “

The CCTV camera is owned by Mr Oswald and was installed to monitor the front door of his business.

Mr Oswald had been staying in a flat at the premises so visitors could stay at the family home nearby.

The grainy footage shows the cat being grabbed by the figure, who initially beckons the animal over.

Max is seen to put up a struggle as he is picked up, wrestled into the car and driven away.

Mr Oswald suspects the cat was stolen for money.

“He is a pedigree cat and cost me about 300 ten years ago, so he is valuable,’ he said.

“The police have said they are taking this seriously, but I’m hoping someone will see this and maybe be able to help. “

A spokesman for Lothian and Borders Police appealed for anyone with information on the abduction to get in touch.


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