College launches first smartphone app

The app is designed to keep students up to date with college news

A SCOTS college has launched an iPhone app for their their students.

The app allows Stow College to get news and information to students as quickly as possible.

Paul Blair, from the team behind the App, is confident it’ll be a must have for both potential and existing students: “We believe mobile is going to be bigger than the internet. Mobile technology is the way young people access the web. The new expectation is that you can connect at any time, and that’s where the technology is headed.

“This App has been tailor-made for Stow College and aims to bridge any gap between learners and the college. Both Smartphone Media and StowCollege put a lot of thought into what kind of App we thought both prospective learners and current students would find useful and we are happy with the results.”

Stow College Marketing Manager Hilary Ramsay: “We are very excited about the launch of the App and want to create a social media buzz around the campus over the next week. A ‘Get Connected’ kiosk will encourage students and staff to explore and become familiar with the App and workshops will introduce other social media platforms to those who want to join our online community.

“We want as much input as we can get from our students in terms of the functionality of the App. A suggestion booth will be in place throughout Social Media Week with ideas and proposals from this and from our future social media user group playing a key influence on how the App evolves in its future development.”

An android version will be launched at an earlier date.