Groceries to wind their way to the elderly

Fife Shopping Support Services driver Lisa Smith with the brand new wind fuelled Electric Van

THE UK’s first fully wind-powered van will be used to deliver shopping to the elderly.

The electric vehicle is charged by its very own turbine which can store powered for up to two weeks without any wind.

The vehicle will be used by Fife Shopping and Support Services (FS&SS) to take groceries and pensions to elderly and disabled people throughout the Kingdom.

It’s hoped the new van will save the not-for-profit company £1,500 a year in fuel.

Lynne Ogilvie, managing at FS&SS, said: “As a not for profit social enterprise keeping costs low for service users is vital and low cost delivery vehicles will make a substantial difference while protecting the environment.”

The van was purchased through a government grant from the Community and Renewable Energy Scheme and help from Fife Council.

Energy Minister Fergus Ewing said: “The Scottish Government wants to ensure that communities right across Scotland benefit from the renewables revolution, and we are pleased to support this innovative project through the Community and Renewable Energy Scheme.

“We are committed to achieving the almost complete decarbonisation of road transportation by 2050, along with a mature market for low carbon cars – resulting in lower emissions by 2020.”


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  1. I am chair of Kintyre Environmental Group (KEG) a registered charity who manage Campbeltown Community Orchard and Garden (CCOG) who have very recently started to deliver our fresh garden produce to our local isolated elderly and disabled. The uptake has been overwhelming but the vehicle we had been very generously loaned by a local business man has ended and we are desperate to find funding to keep this much needed service running.
    The electric vehicle you have acquired would fit our requirements perfectly, free, low carbon fuel and with CCOG being on a windy hill we would tap enough wind power to keep the vehicle batteries topped up.
    Would you be so kind as to give me any information you can on the vehicle, your funding source and how you went about everything you feel would be beneficial for ourselves to know
    Sincerely and hopefully
    Dave Pearson

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