Kelly Brook kisses dolphins in Dubai

Kelly encountered the dolphin in Dubai

MODEL Kelly Brook frolicked with dolphins while in the Middle East for a photoshoot.

Kelly took the plunge at a plush six-star hotel in Dubai, later tweeting the picture of her kissing one of the animals to the resort.

The delighted 31-year-old wrote: “I could not believe she kissed me!!” and “Thank you for a wonderful afternoon with Kath and Alice the Dolphins”.


  1. Kelly, “Kath” and “Alice” the dolphins who as a free species don’t possess either name may die in a month. By staying in Dubai, you have helped ensure that they will reach their untimely demise. I am beyond revolted. Maybe you did not know what your were doing and their life’s precarious scale from the articial sea water you waded with them in. Maybe you have never even thought of them as prisoners. News flash: They will die very soon from the conditions they are in if they are not returned to the sea immediately, however thanks to the offset of captivity, even that may still leave them doomed if they are not successfully self-sufficient in hunting and cannot reunite with families, a huge possibility given its family was most-likely slaughtered before being transferred to Dubai on marine mammal slave trade routes to the prison you waded with it in. Even more scary, they may both be recaptured and slaughtered/slave traded to another aquarium of death all over again. In your defense they could not talk to you to tell you these things and floated there silently suffering, but now you know. I demand you now stop SUPPORTING the Dolphin Industry of Death.

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