Singer considered legal action against SuBo over album cover similarities

Katrina Rublowska's 'Pockets of my heart'

By Niamh Anderson


AN OBSCURE singer-song writer considered taking legal action when she realised Susan Boyle’s latest album cover was remarkably similar to her own.

Katrina Rublowska believes her record Pockets of My Heart – released 10 years ago- is almost identical to SuBo’s new album, Someone to Watch over Me.

The 48-year-old special needs teacher was made aware of the coincidence when her partner sent her an email with the image of SuBo’s new album, set to be released next month.

When she got the email, she was shocked to discover the two record covers were amazingly similar in style.

Miss Rublowska, who lives in south London, is framed in the bottom left hand corner of the CD, in front of a leafy green background.

The singer is wearing a purple open-necked cardigan, dangly earrings and is staring into the far distance.

Meanwhile, SuBo is also positioned on the bottom left corner of her new CD, wearing a purple open necked top, in front of a bed of green leafy lavender.

She is also looking wistfully towards the camera lens.

Miss Rubolowska said: “It was astonishing – it’s such an extraordinary coincidence. It’s not just the idea that’s the same, but the colouring, our hair colour, our skin tone. It’s all almost identical. We even look a bit alike.

“Not only that, but I’m 48- the same age as Susan was when she came second in Britain’s Got Talent. We also sing the same kind of music.

“I recorded ten songs, a mixture between my own original tracks and covers of some classics- a bit like Susan does. It’s mostly folk and blues,” she said.

The teacher, at an east end school in London, released her album ten years ago, but it was not available to buy in shops.

“I only recorded 500 and I still have half of them left in my house.”

The American born singer said the album cover was done for her by a man she met at a party.

“I bumped into a photographer called Paul Hamilton at a party. I told him I was doing an album and he offered to do the art work for me.”

She said she hadn’t seen him since then and joked that he might have moved on to Sony BMG as an album designer.

“You never know, he might have moved up in the world,” she joked.

The teacher and her partner had considered taking legal action over the remarkably similar art work but have now decided that it is nothing more than a strange coincidence.

Her partner Mark Smith said: “It’s quite remarkable. We did have a think about taking legal action but then we thought that Susan Boyle’s team have probably never seen it before.

“It just seems like a very strange coincidence,” he added.

A spokesperson at Sony BMG said that artists had specially designed the CD cover for SuBo and that there was “absolutely no chance” that it had been ripped off. They refused to make any further comment.

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  1. If Katrina Rublowska really does think she has a case be prepared to pay bazillion pounds sterling to lawyers all for nothing as SONY’s gonna win this one. As for “suing” Susan Boyle am 100% sure the U.K. court judge will toss that one out! I won’t trash Ms Rublowska here, she’s got too many other worries ala how to pay for the court case – if one is coming!

  2. Katrina may be a very nice person so even being a Susan Boyle fan I don’t hold this against her. In fact I’d like to hear a sample of her singing but find nothing on youtube.

  3. It is perfectly normal to put one’s photo on an album cover and a green natural background is also a reasonable background to choose. Why on earth would Sony copy an album cover that only had 500 copies pressed, half of which are still with the singer? It would have been a frivilous lawsuit if she had gone ahead with it so it is good she came to her senses.

  4. i have listened to “Pockets of my heart’ and it is a much better album. Way to go … not suprised you are being copied. Suggest rereleasing the album so others can hear it as well.

  5. Wow. Someone’s jealous that SuBo is no longer an unknown like herself. Loads of album covers are similar because not one person can trademark their ideas. Quite simply, anyone can just take a photo of a person standing under a tree or with a blue sky hanging high above, on a lovely day. How is that copying?

  6. I just laughed when I saw the similarity, and I’m sure Katrina did too really. I’ve heard Katrina’s album and its brilliant she has a much better voice than Ms Boyle,

  7. What a funny coincidence! @ksdust: I found Katrina’s CD on eBay, and there’s a YouTube video of her song ‘Pockets Of My Heart’ which I think is really quite good. Completely different approach to SuBo, obviously.

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