Leuchars jets intercept Russian bombers

The Russian planes were intercepted by Typhoons from RAF Leuchars (Picture copyright MOD/Crown Copyright 2011)

FIGHTER jets from RAF Leuchars intercepted two Russian bombers earlier this month, it has been revealed.

The Typhoon jets from Number 6 Squadron were scrambled on October 11 after the two aircraft entered international airspace protected by Nato.

Neither aircraft was communicating with either civilian or military air traffic control, neither had filed a flight plan or were transmitting a recognisable radar code.

They were identified as Tupelov Tu-95 ‘Bear’ bombers, and the RAF Typhoons kept the aircraft under surveillance until the Russian planes cleared the UK’s Flight Information Region.

The Tu-95 is a long-range plane and was introduced in the late 1950s and remains in service with the Russian air force.

In March it emerged that a similar incident had taken place earlier this year, with the Russian aircraft getting close enough to St Andrews to be within sight of the town.

The squadron is due to move to RAF Lossiemouth after the closure of the Fife base.


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