AC/PC: Police to patrol in electric cars

The tiny zero-emission car will patrol at the Scottish Parliament

SCOTS police have added two zero-emission vehicles as they pilot research into a more eco-friendly fleet.

The Ford Connect Electric has been purchased by Lothian and Borders Police to replace an existing fleet van, which currently makes numerous runs to various locations in Edinburgh.

The vehicle is capable of travelling 80 miles on a single charge and can carry around 500kg.

They have also replaced a standard police patrol car at the Scottish Parliament with a Mitsubishi I-Miev as part of their efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Consultation is now ongoing with the Scottish Carbon Trust to secure funding to bring in more carbon neutral vehicles in the future.

Dave Kennan, Fleet Manager for Lothian and Borders Police said: “As a large organisation that regularly uses a range of vehicles as part of our operational duties, it is prudent for us to research investments, which not only benefit the Force financially, but can have significant benefits for the environment.

“The knowledge we will gain from this trial should benefit not only ourselves but other organisations looking to utilise this technology further

“Both the electric van and the patrol car will now be in full operational service and will have an impact on our carbon emissions and our fuel expenses.

“If this pilot is successful and the vehicles prove themselves to be fully capable for policing duties, we will of course look to invest further and replace more of our fleet with carbon neutral alternatives.”

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