Courageous acts commended at St Andrew’s Awards ceremony

Nicola Sturgeon presented the awards

A TEENAGER who plucked two young children to safety from a pond in West Lothian is among three recipients of a prestigious bravery award.

Sixteen-year-old Aaron Love plunged into the water near hisLivingstonhome to rescue the brother and sister in May 2010.

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon today presented Aaron, who had been out cycling at the time of the incident, with a St Andrew’s Award medal at a ceremony in Bute House, Edinburgh.

Also honoured were Leah Grant, nine, and Paisley PC David Adam.

Leah assisted her mum, Grace, after she suffered a sudden seizure at their Linlithgow home in November 2009.

Aged just seven at the time, Leah calmly checked her mum was still breathing and dialled 999 for help, staying on the line and providing information that allowed emergency services to treat her Mum immediately.

PC Adam, 21, disarmed a man who threatened to blow up a tenement by igniting a gas source in his home. PC Adam arrested the man before evacuating the building after discovering the suspect had broken a gas pipe.

The three St Andrew’s Award winners were chosen from 30 brave individuals recognised at the [email protected] reception hosted by the First Minister atEdinburghCastlein October.

Ms Sturgeon said today: “It is a privilege and incredibly humbling to meet three exceptionally courageous young people whose concern for others and actions in the face of danger are an inspiration to us all.

“Aaron, Leah and David had already been selected by an independent panel to receive a [email protected] Award for their exceptional bravery. Their efforts are now being recognised at the first separate St Andrew’s Award ceremony, which is an appropriate way of giving their acts of courage the recognition they deserve.

“It is fitting that, as we look forward to St Andrew’s Day – an opportunity to celebrate achievements inScotland– we can recognise three remarkable young people who are a real credit to their families and friends.”

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