Student tells of Edinburgh racist bus attack

Riaz Moola moved from South Africa to Edinburgh in September this year

A SOUTH African teenager has told how he was threatened with being stabbed and racially abused in a vile attack by a stranger on a bus.

Riaz Moola, 19, now says he feel safer in his native South Africa, infamous for its astronomical crime rates, than the Scottish capital.

The student says he was targeted for no reason, and had abuse hurled at him on a number 33 bus in Edinburgh as he went home.

The driver threw the thug off the bus, but passengers had to step in to prevent him getting back on.

Mr Moola posted an account of his ordeal, which happened around 5pm on November 17, on YouTube.

The video was in response to several clips of women going on racist rants on public transport in England, which have become viral hits.

Mr Moola said: “Edinburgh’s not safe, things like that never happened to me in South Africa, supposedly one of the most dangerous places in the world.

“I actually feel safer in South Africa after what has happened to me here.

He described the terrifying ordeal, where the man also tried to grab him by the throat.

Mt Moola said: “I sat next to a guy on the bus and he tapped me on the shoulder and told me to move, I just did it because he looked a bit scary.

“There was a couple sitting nearby at the back of the bus, they began scolding him and saying he couldn’t tell me to move like that.

“So I decided to go back to the seat and asked him why I couldn’t sit there.

“He said he thought I was from Pakistan and he started swearing and saying I was raping his country.”

Mr Molla initially laughed after the man said this, but the man then stood up and threatened to stab him.

“A man grabbed him to stop him from getting to me, and I moved away.

“I ran to the front of the bus, he was coming towards me and nobody could stop him.

“He came up to me and tried to grab my throat.”

He said the man was saying ‘I’m going to slit your throat, I’m going to kill you’ as he ran along the bus towards him.

Mr Moola said the driver, who tried to call the police, had to remove the abusive passenger before shutting the doors.

“But the guy walked down the side of the bus to my window and through the window continued to scream threats,” Mr Moola added.

He said: “He couldn’t get in, so he came back to my window, spat on it and screamed ‘I’m going to find you ,and I’m going to f**king kill you’.

Computer sciences student Mr Moola  described th man  as in his mid to late 20s, skinny, missing his front teeth and with a shaved head.

He had only been in Scotland to study at the University of Edinburgh since September this year.

He posted the YouTube video after a case on a London tram where a woman.

In the video he says: “I pay thousands of pounds more than any other student. I support the UK through my fees.”

He praised the passengers who stood up to the racist thug and said he had never experienced this kind of problem in South Africa.

Lothian and Borders Police said the incident was being investigated.

Riaz’s YouTube video describing the attack.


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