Eight-year-old praised for reporting mum’s abusive boyfriend


A CHILDREN’S charity has praised an eight-year-old girl for taking a stand against domestic violence, after her mum was assaulted by an abusive boyfriend.

The youngster decided to phone her dad for help after finding her mum lying on the floor after a 2am assault at the hands of 23-year-old John Adams.

Her mother, Nicola Davies was left with a bruised face and scratched chest following the attack. She did not initially want to talk to the police when they turned up at her Edinburgh home.  Alison Todd, Director at Children 1ST, said: “The child in this case did the right thing by telling someone about it, as did the adult who took action and reported the crime.

“We know from listening to the children in our services that domestic violence can have a devastating impact on children living within the home. We hope that the child involved has been offered support to help her overcome her experiences and that the adult being abused is also receiving help.”

At Edinburgh Sheriff Court, fiscal depute Pauline Shade said Nicola Davies’ daughter had come down the stairs of their Dryden View home after a series of rows between the ex-lovers.

The fiscal said: “Her eight-year-old daughter came down the stairs to see what was going on. She saw her mother lying on the floor with injuries to her face.

“Miss Davies daughter called her father and told him what she had seen. He then called the police,” the fiscal added.

Her dad soon told the police, but Miss Davies did not want to talk to them, the court heard.

Shade said: “When the police arrived they were allowed entry. She was very upset. She had bruises beside her eye and some scratches on her chest area.

“She initially didn’t want to talk to the police.”

 The assault occurred on July 12 of this year at the home Miss Davies shared with her daughter.

 Unemployed Adams, of Edinburgh’s Calder Park said the assault came after a night of rowing with his ex.

 Shade said: “He said he had been arguing all night and that he punched her in the face because she had tried to hit him.

 “He was then taken to the police station where he admitted the assault,” she added.

Miss Davies was taken to hospital following the attack.

Shade told court: “Miss Davies went to Edinburgh’s Royal Infirmary where she was X-rayed. She didn’t require further medical assistance.”

The court heard Miss Davies and Adams had since split up, with Adams now in a new relationship.

Defence Agent Rachel McDougall said her client had committed the attack in the, “heat of the moment” and that he recognised it was a serious offence.

She added: “He has a new partner who he has been with for three months. He wishes that it hadn’t happened.”

Adams admitted assaulting Miss Davies by pushing her body and causing her to fall to the ground to her injury.

Sheriff James Scott handed Adams a £300 fine before warning him never to, “come before the court again, by putting your hand to a woman.”

Alison Todd of Children 1st added: “Incidents of domestic violence increase during the festive period so, as we approach Christmas, it is of paramount importance that people are aware of the issue. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect Scotland’s children. If you are a parent living with domestic violence or if you know of a child experiencing violence in the home, please contact ParentLine Scotland.”

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