Fare dodger hauled off train by vigilante

Get off: The vigilante hauls the fare dodger off the train

AN amazing video showing a fare-dodger being hauled off a ScotRail train by a burly vigilante has become an internet sensation.

The YouTube clip, filmed by a passenger, shows a swearing youngster refusing to pay for his ticket or get off an Edinburgh to Perth service on Friday night.

To the astonishment of the conductor and passengers on the packed train, a heavy-set man gets up from his seat, grabs the boy by the scruff of his neck and dumps him on the platform at Linlithgow, West Lothian.

The vigilante then twice stops the infuriated teenager getting back on the train before returning to his seat – and a round of applause from passengers.

The video has racked up almost 220,000 hits and been ‘liked’ more than two-and-a-half thousand times on YouTube, as well as generating comment videos and parodies.

It begins with an elderly male conductor asking a young man in a woolly hat to leave the Edinburgh to Perth train.

Despite the conductor repeatedly shouting ‘off!’ he refuses to leave the train.

The conductor says: “I can sit here all night, I’m getting paid for this,” and warns the man other passengers will become unhappy.

The man says “I’ve showed you my f***ing ticket”, but the conductor says “That’s Polmont to Edinburgh Park, it should say Edinburgh Park to Polmont, that’s a single.”

The conductor asks the man to stop swearing at him.

The pair argue for a short while, before a large, burly man sitting behind the passenger stands up and asks: “Do you want me to throw him off for you?”

The conductor nods and says ‘yeah.’

The man, given the title ‘the big man’ by Ian Hems, another passenger who uploaded the video, then grabs the unpaying passenger by the arm and hauls him down the passageway.


At one point he appears to stumble, and leans over a table, but he apologises and carries on shoving the passenger down the train.

‘The big man’ manages to manhandle him through the train doors, but the young man makes a dash back into the carriage.

He is blocked by the burly, jacket-wearing, passenger and again thrown onto the platform of Linlithgow station.

Another passenger appears to throw the young man’s bag out after him.

The doors of the train eventually shut, and as the vigilante passenger walks back down the passageway he is greeted with claps and calls of ‘cheers, big man’ from the other passengers.

Ian Hems, 27, from Perth, said he filmed the video while coming home after having a few drinks in the pub.

He said: “I thought this could be funny, it’s all kicking off, so I started filming it.

“I’m firmly behind the big man, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It seems to have started this whole debate about human rights.”

Ian said the vigilante identified himself to other passengers after the incident as “Alan” but revealed no more details about himself.

He added: “I didn’t notice this at first, but the big man went and sat back down in the wee guy’s chair.

“Everyone was swapping email addresses and chatting about it.”

“Scotrail made us fill in forms afterwards, asking about what happened.”

Ian said: “My YouTube inbox is now completely rammed with spam.

“I’ve had journalists from America on asking about the guy who got kicked off.”

The majority of comments on the video site speak in favour of the vigilante passenger.

And stay off: The boy tries to force his way back on

A YouTube user called PengersCJM said:  “The fact is he didn’t pay, he shouldn’t be on the train end of. Got everything that was coming to him.”

Another user added: “He deserved to get thrown out like he did. Clearly the inspector asked him politely to leave the train and the guy starts swearing.

“And if he doesn’t have money TOUGH, maybe he should have thought about how to get home earlier. And why does everyone else have to pay for their tickets and he stays on for free?”

Though some sympathise with the young man who was unceremoniously dumped off the train.

User IcySkeptic said: “This was completely handled incorrectly. They should have called the police or had a system in place before hand rather than relying on some random a****** to be a bouncer.”

Mr Hem’s description says: “No Ticket on Scotrail, Don’t mess with the big man…

“Wido decides to get on the train with no ticket, ticket inspector comes round , no ticket. Stops the train 1 stop before the wee bam’s station…..ENJOY”

A spokesman for British Transport Police said: “We are aware of the YouTube video and our enquiries are ongoing. British Transport Police did not receive a complaint from anyone on the train at the time the incident is believed to have taken place.”


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  1. Assault is assault, and the big guy who man handled the (offender) should face charges for assault! The ticket inspector should never have allowed a member of the public to get involved, and should have got the police to resolve the matter, as that is a job for the authorities.

    • Utter nonsense. If more people were willing to do what “the big man” did, the world would be a much more civilised place. Getting the police involved just wastes their time, and means everyone’s journey is held up because of some ignorant lout.

    • Part of the reason why this country is in such a mess is a-holes like you. Did common sense go out the window? – yeah lets all sit on our bums and let the world go to pot due to kids who think they can do anything without recourse, then complain because the police couldn’t deal with the situation. Big up the big man – we need more people like him in this world. No one advocates violence – but this was the right thing to do – and you know it.

    • What world do you live in? there are so many scenarios where intervention is a necessary option. How often have we heard about people being assaulted etc. and people walking by. I once stopped a girl being beaten up by her boyfriend, i’m glad I did, and would do it again, the police took ten minutes to arrive.

  2. proper order… If only the public would respond in this matter and more often. Someone needs to set the example if the parents won’t. No fisticuffs or unnecceccary force used here form what I can see and effectively what the big man did here is consistent almost with a public arrest. Certain standards of behaviour are expected in society and this “Lout” obviously seems to be devoid of even a modicum of respect – rightfully evicted!
    Furthermore – it mightbe a better idea if trains etc had ‘sleepers’ on them… ie Law Enforcement officials there for the very purpose of dealing with situations like this… NOT members of the Railway Staff… Police officers should have more scope to their Job descriotions as opposed to hasing parked cars… or the occasional riot… Something in between to keep them busy

  3. The other week I was on a train and a middle aged man said to the train guard that he had no ticket and no money. The guard just left him sitting on the train. I thought this was wrong and told the guard so. Why don’t we all just do that and not pay for tickets? I use the trains a lot and always buy a ticket but the number of people who fare-dodge is very high indeed. It’s treated like a game and a right by many people as I’ve heard them joking and laughing about it. These are mainly young travellers but not always. People who fare-dodge are users and parasites living on those who do pay for their tickets. They are criminals and should be treated as such and not tolerated or given any heed within society. The real tragedy in this country is that the majority of people are so apathetic and do not want to get involved regardless of the situation – rape, mugging, shop lifting, whatever. If more of the public showed their disapproval at the people who do such things it would have the affect of reducing such incidents. This guy who intervened is a hero but our system is so stupid and our society so sick, that he will probably be taken to court for it!

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