Train vigilante Youtube sensation is revealed

Get off and stay off: the conductor argues with Sam Main

THE ScotRail fare-dodging vigilante was today unmasked as Alan Pollock,  from Stirling.

The YouTube footage of burly Alan grabbing a teenager by the scruff of the neck and dragging him off the train has now been viewed by more than 500,000 people.

Today, his stunned wife, Avril, confirmed it was her husband in the clip and said he was a very private man who does not even have a Facebook page.

Unfortunately for publicity-shy Alan, his exploits on a Friday night train from Edinburgh to Perth have made him an internet legend.

In the notorious clip, he hauls student Sam Main from his seat, drags him through the carriage and hurls him on to the platform at Linlithgow,West Lothian. He then twice tries to stop the 19-year-old getting back on.

Alan then returns to his seat to a round of applause from passengers. Main insisted today he had not tried to dodge the fair and there had been a mix-up.

Avril Pollock sounded shaken today, speaking from the couple’s detached bungalow on the banks of the River Forth in the suburb of  Queenshaugh.

She said: “I had a look at the video, and my husband doesn’t want to comment.

“He’s a very private person, he doesn’t even have his own Facebook.

Asked if he was worried he might face prosecution over the incident, she said: “He just doesn’t want the attention.”

She said the pair have three young children, and her husband worked in Edinburgh and would not return home until late.

She said: “He certainly does get the train. He’s not back through until late.”

Dubbed ‘the big man’ on YouTube, Alan took decisive action on the packed 9.33pm Edinburgh to Perth service.

A Facebook group called ‘Pay yer train ticket or the big man will chuck ye aff’ has been set up in his honour.

The video has now been seen over 500,000 times around the world.

The two-and-a-half minute video has attracted responses from as far abroad asAmerica.

US video blogger ‘Pete on Blast,’ who has over 1,000 subscribers on YouTube said ‘all hell breaks loose!’

Although some posters are critical of Alan, most back his actions.

Yesterday, Alan was revealed as having a particular love of a certain kind of crisps.

Big Man

Ian Hems, 27, from Perth, filmed the encounter. The IT teacher said: “The big man said said, ‘if I end up in jail because of this, you’ve got to come and bring me a bag of pickled onion Monster Munch in prison.’ That’s pretty much all he said.”

Ian said that the big man, thought to be called Alan, sat down in the alleged far-dodger’s seat and got off the train atStirling.

Ian said he was a ‘strong and silent’ type who made almost no conversation with other passengers, who were chatting about the incident, on the way home.

He reported that Alan had a quiet word with the ticket conductor.

“The conductor had a quiet word with him, but I didn’t see much of that. They asked me to stop filming,” he said.

“I think the conductor did everything right. They were arguing for about 10 minutes before I started filming.”

Sam Main, who is studying building surveying at Heriot-Watt University, says he is ‘not ashamed’ of the incident, and insists he had paid for a ticket.

Sam, who lives in Falkirk, said today: “I had been out celebrating after an exam and I was half asleep on the train.

“I did have a ticket but I must have handed the wrong one over to the conductor.”

Today said he was left with cuts on his cheek and legs after the incident, and did not want to go to police as he had exams on Thursday which he wanted to concentrate on.

A friend of Sam’s was reported as saying: Sam was given the wrong ticket and it kicked off.

“He reacted badly, but he wasn’t dodging his fare. He’s not that kind of guy.”

British Transport Police said enquiries were ongoing about the incident.

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  1. Your telling me that imbecile got into university? I thought it was some drunk 12 year old until I read this article.

  2. I’m going to buy him a whole box of Pickled Onion Monster Munch. (My favourite flavour too).

    Iron Bru should sponsor this guy.

    Well done Big Guy.

  3. “Big guy” is nothing but a vile fat chav. It’s very heroic for a large overweight individual to throw a skinny teenager off a train. He didn’t give him any kind of warning, he just grabbed without hesitation. If you hail this disgusting individual as a hero you should be ashamed of yourself.

  4. The only people who applauded are actually the imbecile who recorded that video and one or two other people. It’s hardly the whole carriage like many idiots seem to believe.

    “Trouble makers should be thrown off.”

    Yes, I agree. Trouble makers like the fat waste of atoms named Alan Pollock should should be thrown off.

  5. Just a comment for the younger readers. I hope Sam is well-off because he now has a near zero chance of getting hired when he completes his degree. His actions raise two red flags for an employer. First, he is argumentative (and disrespectful) throughout the whole process. Second, he was not smart enough to just let this story die. I do not care if he had a hundred valid tickets, Avril gets convicted of assault, or the conductor gets fired for his actions, I still would not hire Sam. Not that his resume would ever get that far. By the time it got out of the HR department, there would be so much red writing on it you could not even read it.

  6. I am not saying that all teenagers are trouble makers far from it, but that young man was just too much and deserved what he got. Please don’t get me started on his father, at 72 I despair of people who defend their undefendable children, WHO THEY BROUGHT UP!!!
    We need a few more like Mr Pollock, as it is no use relying on the police.

  7. The conductor is a poorly disciplined, poorly spoken, uneducated and unprofessional moron and should not have that job, period. He handled the situation appallingly, did not follow proper procedure and spoke in a confrontational and aggressive tone.

    It says little for Scotrail that they have employees of this age with such low public relations skills. This man looks at least to be in his 60s but seems to be utterly clueless as to how to deal with the public and how to speak to them. Speaking in clear, standard English would help and not using terms like “pal”.

    What a sad little man.

  8. I think ‘Oh Dear’ is Sam in disguise…!! Notice how Alan has remained professionally silent on the matter, whilst Sam has put himself in the limelight to bleat and moan about his circumstances….’Oh Dear’, you have been caught out by your whining and moaning too.

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