Susan Boyle’s dress fails to impress

Susan Boyle's charity dress failed to sell in a celebrity charity auction

A THREE thousand pound dress worn by superstar Susan Boyle has failed to sell in a celebrity charity auction.

The Britain’s Got Talent star from Blackburn,West Lothian, donated the dress which she wore during one of her performances to the Prince’s Trust in Madrid 2010.

The embellished silver dress, described as a “really special piece of music memorabilia”, was donated to the website Sellebrity Auction for fans to snap up but bosses at the famous site have decided to put the dress into storage after it failed to attract enough bids.

Despite, being valued at £3500, the frock only received four bids and was put into storage after bids only reached £350- a 90% discount of its original price.

Sellebrity Auction’s description of the dress read: “The dress was exclusively designed and made to measure for Susan by designer Suzanne Nelville.

“The dress is silver grey silk Georgette, fully lined, has a fitted moulded bodice and is covered with silver bugle beads.

“Your chance to own a piece from probably the biggest success story in talent show history.”

Darren Eadie of Sellebrity Auction said: “We need to raise as much as possible for such a fantastic item kindly donated by Susan.”

As well as Susan Boyle’s garb up for grabs on the site, bidders can also snap up a tie belonging to Channel 4 presenter Jon Snow or Sir Richard Branson’s London marathon jacket.

Also up for grabs is a sword signed and used by Orlando Bloom at the London premiere of the movie franchise Pirates of the Caribbean.

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  1. It was not an embellished gold dress (not the AUDITION dress) it was just a simple gray dress she wore for a performance in Spain and never wore again.

  2. Ok, let me clear this up a lot, Susan’s notoriety has warn off a lot. She’s not as famous as she used to be. And a dress that isn’t famous isn’t going to sell well. My daughter said it best, if she was dead, or really famous, it would have sold like Amy Winehouse’s dress. But it didn’t because she is still alive. If it was the gold audition dress, it would have sold. As that’s famous. I have nothing against Susan, in fact, I’m a fan, but I can see how it wouldn’t have sold. PLUS I think there was a lot of trickery or foul play made during the first auction.

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