Lego World Cup animator produces festive film

The video took more than 1000 separate images to make

A SCOTS teenager who became a world-wide hit with hit with a World-Cup themed Lego animation has released his latest creation on YouTube.

Graham Love, 18, painstakingly recreated key on-pitch moments using nothing more than Lego and blue tack.

This time the Aberdonian has chosen to celebrate the festive season.

Graham's previous video showed key rugby moments

Graham said: “I’ve tried to capture the fun and excitement of playing in the snow and building that first snowman.

“The video took a week to complete and I used over 1000 photos used to create the animation.

In the video, Graham’s Lego man frolics in plasticine snow while a rock version of Jingle Bells plays in the background. He rolls a large white ball, before placing another ball on top.

He then races to a nearby house and takes several stones to create buttons and eyes for his snowman. A nearby tree provides “sticks” for arms.

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