Pandas ready for their online debut

The public will be able to view Yuang Guang on a web-cam

PANDA-cams at Edinburgh Zoo have gone live today.

The public online feed will show Chinese visitor Yuang Guang frolicking in his enclosure, while the feed from female panda Tian Tian will only be visible to experts.

Jon-Paul Orsi, Digital Specialist at Edinburg Zoo, said: “We were delighted to unveil Yang Guang and Tian Tian live on panda-cam today.

“Our panda-cams allow people the world over to gain an extremely rare and fascinating insight into our Pandas here at Edinburgh Zoo – providing audiences that may not be able to come along in person with a brilliant opportunity to see them and feel like they have had a part of the panda experience.

“Of course, we would ask viewers to bear in mind that our pandas often like a lie in and that the pandas go inside when it is dark.

“At the moment, the best viewing times are between 11am and 3pm UK time.  If at first you don’t see a panda – have a closer look to see if there’s one sleeping in a tree or munching bamboo in the corner!  We can’t guarantee you’ll see a panda every time you log on as they are free to roam inside and outside, but that’s half the fun! ”


The male panda, Yang Guang, will be available for all internet users to view on panda-cam on or following a link from the Edinburgh Zoo home page which will appear as soon as Yang Guang comes out into his enclosure, whilst Tian Tian, the female, is only initially available to members of The Royal Zoological Society of  Scotland through a special ‘members only’ portal.



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