Killer Mitchell’s gran dies on Christmas Eve

Mitchell must serve a minimum of 20 years for murdering Jodi Jones in 2003

KILLER Luke Mitchel is mourning the loss of his grandmother after she dropped dead on Christmas Eve.

Ruby Guetta, 91, was a fiercely campaigned to prove her grandson’s innocence after he was convicted of murdering 14-year-old Jodi Jones in 2003.

Posting on a website dedicated to the campaign to free Mitchell, supporter Sandra Lean wrote: “Suddenly, and without warning, Ruby, Corinne’s mum, and Shane and Luke’s adored Grandma, died at lunchtime today.

“Ruby was one of the most amazing people I have ever met. A tiny little dottle of a woman, she had the heart of a lion. She was already in her 80s when this terrible injustice turned her, and her family’s, life upside down. But she fought fiercely for justice.”

She added: “Rest in Peace, Ruby, you will be very sadly missed. And we will fight on for the justice you needed for your family.”

User CarolToal responded: “Just to say to Corrine and family that you have been in my thoughts and prayers at this sad time.  I would also like to say that I hope and pray that poor Luke is able to move forward in 2012 and that positives will take over the negatives.”

A source close to Corrine’s family said Mitchell was devastated by the loss.

They said: “He was very upset about the news. His gran was his biggest defender, aside from his mother.”

Mitchell was sentenced to serve at least 20 years in prison in 2005. He was found guilty of repeatedly stabbing girlfriend Jodi and dumping her body on a path between their homes in Dalkeith,Midlothian.

Now 23, Mitchell was just 14 at the time of the murder.

In 2007 Ruby was criticised for trying to sell her story to a national Sunday newspaper for £10,000.

In a letter to the paper she offered “to tell her side of the story”.

She wrote: “I want between £8,000 and £10,000 or it isn’t worth my while.

“It will be £10,000 with a photo of Luke. If you use a photograph of Luke you’ll sell more papers.”

His family have attempted to appeal his sentence on several occasions, but all have failed.

In November The Supreme Court rejected his latest bid for freedom, however the family now plan to take his case to the European Court of Human Rights.

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