High-value jewellery heist carried out in broad daylight


By Mark McKinlay


The gang is believed to have carried out a number of raids in the West Lothian area

THIEVES have stolen tens of thousands of pounds worth of jewellery in a daylight raid on a Scottish house.

The gang made off with £20,000 worth of goods from the property in Uphall,West Lothianshortly before Christmas after gaining entry through the front door.

Police believe the group is responsible for numerous daytime raids on other properties throughout West Lothian over the last few months.

Throughout this spree they have targeted high value items of jewellery, alongside other goods, in Bathgate, Broxburn and Uphall.

Police have warned home owners to be on guard against further thefts.

A Lothian & Borders Police spokesman said, “At this time we are reminding homeowners to be vigilant, and asking them to make sure that their properties are secure as possible.

“We would urge homeowners to fit locks to all ground floor doors and windows, and to ensure that locks that are already fitted are adequate.  People should also consider fitting locks to upstairs windows, especially if they overlook flat roofs.

“We would also advise people never to leave house keys in keyholes or under a mat, when they go out.  It is also worth considering purchasing a small safe in which to store high-value items, such as jewellery, and fitting it either to the wall or to the floor.

“Finally, property marking provides an added level of protection, both in terms of making items less attractive to thieves, but also to help in the recovery of property if it is stolen.”

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