Trump’s vice president attacks Scots documentary

Donald Trump's right hand man attacked the Scottish documentary (Picture by Gage Skidmore)

DONALD Trump has spectacularly blown his top over a Scottish documentary about his troubled attempt to build a luxury golf resort in Aberdeenshire.

The tycoon’s right-hand man branded the work of Angus film-maker Anthony Baxter as “nothing more than a feeble and pathetic attempt to make money by exploiting the Trump name”.

George Sorial, the executive vice president and counsel of the Trump Organisation, claimed You’ve Been Trumped was “factually challenged”.

You’ve Been Trumped follows the battle to get planning permission for the resort on the Menie Estate in Aberdeenshire. The project has been put on hold by Mr Trump who has said he may pull the plug if planners give permission for a nearby windfarm.

It is currently sold-out at festivals across the US and picked up its eighth international award when it scooped the Jury Prize at the Wild and Scenic Film Festival in Nevada City, California.

But Mr Soriel hit back, saying: “Anthony Baxter’s film is a complete misrepresentation of the facts surrounding our golf and leisure project in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

“Mr Baxter himself is not a credible source of information and it’s common knowledge that he has breached US copyright laws to produce this film, which is nothing more than a feeble and pathetic attempt to make money by exploiting the Trump name. Our project is broadly supported by the local people, the business community and the political leadership.


“This one-sided and factually challenged film presents the myopic views of a very small fringe element that are not respected and are widely regarded as a national embarrassment for Scotland.

“During these challenging economic times, our project has employed hundreds, provided tens of millions in investment for the region and will serve as an anchor for future economic growth and tourism.

“In addition to earning the immediate accolades from the global golf community, our work on the championship golf course has been applauded by the Ecological Clerk of Works and the Menie Environmental Management Advisory Group, whose membership represents Scotland’s leading environmental protection groups.”

The documentary follows several local residents and environmentalists as they battle the billionaire. It argues that Trump is wrong to build the resort on one of Europe’s most environmentally sensitive stretches of coast, described by one leading scientist as Scotland’s Amazon rain forest.

TV talk show host, and Trump nemesis, Rosie O’Donnell had previously praised the film, calling it “amazing”. Mr Baxter appeared on O’Donnell’s show following the film’s Chicago premiere last week, prompting Mr Sorial to hit back.

On the show, an unabashed Mr Baxter told O’Donnell that he was taking credit for the announcement last week that Trump is on the brink of halting the housing development, hotel and second golf course.

Mr Baxter, who has previously claimed that he faced widespread opposition from Scottish officialdom while making the film, was not available for comment today.

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  1. It almost defies belief, the disregard Mr Sorial has for Scotland and it’s people. Donald Trumps development is widely seen as a disaster for the area and local people, politicians and business people have spoken out against it. There has been absolutely no investment whatsoever in the region by the Trump Organisation or have they employed hundreds as they claim. The only people they have employed is a construction company from southern Ireland, NOT Scotland.

    Donald Trump built a golf course on a unique area of natural beauty and a Site of Special Scientific Interest in a country that already has 700 golf courses, while trying to throw the families of the area out of their own homes which they own.

  2. Ecological Clerk of Works and the Menie Environmental Management Advisory Group are both unimpeachable sources, according to what I can dig up on the web. Looks like the Menies have been specially formed to do this particular job for T.
    But the real source of support has to be the “global golf community”. Google what they’ve done to the dunes of Prince Edward Island at “the Links of Crowbush Cove”. Fight on, real environmentalists.

  3. I live in Aberdeen, and can tell you that the person “factually challenged”, here, is Sorial. I saw the documentary, and it said nothing that wasn’t already known around here, and documented elsewhere. It’s the truth that if the “development” has employed hundreds, it certainly hasn’t been that they are employed here. Or, are they counting the schoolchildren they had out planting the marram grass? The “tens of millions” in investment aren’t visible here., Or do they mean the Irish construction firm they brought in. And, “an anchor for future economic growth and tourism”? They have one, mediocre, golf course, which they have sold a whole 1,000 tee slots for; there are no buildings, there is no infrastructure investment, and the only jobs on the go (if we’re all lucky) will be a couple of groundskeepers. And considering that there are actually better courses not that far away, I really don’t think it’s going to suddenly take off as a miracle of a place to play.

    It’s basically Trump’s ego talking; he can’t possibly admit that another one of those “Trump BEST EVER” projects has turned into a profoundly mediocre flop. I honestly don’t know why anyone still gets suckered in by him.

    Local businesses are legitimately in favour of the wind farm. Aberdeen is a high-tech and energy hub already, but we still need to develop non-oil-related high-tech jobs and more involvement in “sustainable technologies” to keep the really profitable businesses focused here.

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