Judy Murray surprised by unusual Middle Eastern security measures

Judy Murray flew to Israel earlier this week

ANDY Murray’s mum has told how she had to go through a metal detecter – to buy water.

Judy Murray, who is currently in Eliat, Israel, Tweeted her surprise at the extent of security in the Middle East.

She told her thousands of followers: “Stopped at supermarket in Eilat for water supplies. Had to go thru metal detector to get inside. You don’t get that in Tescos Dunblane :)”

Clearly amused, one of her followers @nightchauffeur responded: “But to be fair – I think MS Simply Food has one at the Check-Out! Ye canna steal oot o MS!”.

Earlier this week she wrote about her arrival at Tel Aviv, writing: “Team GB waiting to board flight to Tel Aviv. Let’s get this show on the road!”

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