The exorcist: Terrified woman battles to clear house of ghosts

Vicky Dann says after the first blessing the hauntings got worse

A SCOTTISH minister has been called in to perform two exorcism ceremonies at a haunted house.

The Reverend Keith Mack performed the special blessings at the home in Dalkeith, Midlothian, after Vicky Dann and her family continued to see “ghostly figures”.

The Rev Mack, Church of Scotland Minister at St Johns and Kings Park Church, carried out the first exorcism a fortnight ago but was called in again after the ghostly goings-on appeared to get worse.

He performed a second ceremony today, moving from room to room and saying a prayer in each one in a bid to cast out the spirits.

Rev Mack said: “Sometimes this kind of thing comes up and we have blessed a few houses, and it seems to have done the trick.

“However, it doesn’t seem to have worked fully here, it seems to have got worse.

“I will speak to a few other ministers and see what they would do.”

Miss Dann, 40, called the Reverend for help after being left petrified of the family home she shares with her two daughters Jenna, 18 and Emma, 11.

She started noticing the spooky goings on around two years ago and claims to have photographic evidence of orbs and other ghosts.


She also says her daughters regularly see ghosts in the two-bedroomed, detached property.

She said: “Emma swears that she sees a man with boots on, in a black suit and a cap coming through our door and disappearing down the hall.

“Jenna said she sees a woman with blonde hair and a white nightie standing in the hall.

“Every time we take pictures in the house we either get orbs or people we don’t know in them.

Rev Keith Mack has performed two exorcisms at Vicky's home

“You feel like you’re going mad,” she said. “It’s a weird thing to say but sometimes you can sense that somebody is watching you watching you. If I get the sense that someone’s watching me, I take a picture on my mobile.”

Miss Dann has taken around 100 pictures which she claims prove the ghostly sightings are not a figment of her imagination.

Following today’s blessing, she said: “The whole thing took about an hour and he asked me after if I felt any difference. I’m not holding out much hope though.

“He said he had done blessings in the past but after he was here the last time it got much worse.

“My friends and family are all scared to come over. They felt really scared after seeing all my photos.”

Miss Dann insisted she was once a “complete sceptic” about the supernatural.

She said: “If someone had told me this had happened then I would have just laughed, but it is terrifying. When I see the photos I can hardly breathe.”

She has also contacted Historic Scotland in the hope they can provide some answers.

She said: “I don’t want to move, but if we don’t get rid of them, I think we will have to move.”

A spokesman for Castle Rock Edinvar, the owners of the property, said: “Ms Dann has asked for our help in providing information on the history of the area. We will work together with her to find the best solution to this situation.”

A Midlothian Council spokesman said: “We received a public enquiry about the history of a specific area and –as per normal practice – responded.


Visitors from another realm? Or something else? What do you think?

Vicky claims this picture shows ghostly goings on near her daughters Jenna, left, and Emma, right, in the hallway of their home
Emma's jacket appears to have a face on it
Vicky says she photographed this orb in the bedroom of her home
Two faces appear in the living room of Vicky's Dalkeith home

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  1. Not all spirits are bad. Sometimes they’re ancestors, sometimes left over energy of the deceased. Those aren’t bad at all.. Some house ghosts are harmless… Have you tried talking to them? asking why there are there. Try asking them to leave, then telling them to leave. Also, if the minister isn’t working contact a witch or pagan, they should be able to help you better. Things you can do in the mean time to make sure that they aren’t harmful or evil is to burn sage while saying or thinking for them to leave. then put sea salt across your door step and in the window sills. that will protect from negative/evil from coming in. Tiger’s Eye stones, Malachite, and Selenite will also help.

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