Trump Organisation warns of damage to Scotland’s tourism industry

Donald Trump's right-hand man says windfarms will damage Scottish tourism (Picture by Gage Skidemore)

DONALD Trump’s battle to stop a windfarm being built near his multi-million pound golf estate could harm Scotland’s tourism industry, his right-hand man has warned.

George Sorial, the executive vice president and counsel of the Trump Organisation, says foreign investors could opt to build new developments in Ireland if wind turbines are erected near some of Scotland’s best links courses.

He said: “Any reasonably intelligent investor, certainly if their business is in real estate development, is going to look at our case  and say, do we really need this?

“We’ve got our own project approved and now all of a sudden we are looking at this.”

He added: “If you are truly going to have an independent Scotland why ruin the assets that brings folk into the country?

“Why ruin an asset that for decades has been generating inward investment?”

Mr Sorial also revealed that Mr Trump preparing for a long legal battle to prevent the offshore turbine proposal off the coast of his £750 million development at the Menie estate in Aberdeenshire.

Mr Sorial vowed the organisation would fight on if the windfarm project is given the green light.

He said: “The first thing we’ll do is follow through with legal process.”

While adamant he is not “taking on the windpower sector” he said the turbines spoiled Scotland’s landscape.

“Don’t put wind turbines where there’s a links golf course or where it’s going to kill a historic site.

Wake up

“People come from all over the world to play courses that are unique to Scotland. They don’t want to look down on electrical turbines.

“You’ll just have tourists going to Ireland to play on the links courses there.

“The entire north east tourist sector has objected, the Scottish Golf Union are with us. When is someone in the Scottish Government going to wake up?”

The Trump Organisation has already halted plans for a hotel on the site until a decision is made, but Trump has previously blasted the plans, calling them “disastrous and environmentally irresponsible”, and lading that they left an “ugly cloud hanging over the future of the great Scottish coastline”.

The billionaire tycoon even sent representatives to a local committee meeting last week to try and persuade them to vote against the 11 turbine project.

A spokesman for Aberdeenshire Council said the meeting of the infrastructure services committee was part of the consultation process and that the final decision on the windfarm would be made by Marine Scotland.

However he said “the attitude was quite positive” amongst councillors who had discussed the plans.

A spokesman for the Scottish Government said: “An application for consent for the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre was submitted to Marine Scotland. Ministers will asses every planning application on its merits taking into account the views of consultees, interested parties and the public.”

Last week Mr Sorial hit out at a Scots documentary documenting the battle to get planning permission for the resort and the objections of locals to the project.

He branded the work of Angus film-maker Anthony Baxter as “nothing more than a feeble and pathetic attempt to make money by exploiting the Trump name” and claimed You’ve Been Trumped was “factually challenged”.

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  1. The sheer gall of this bunch defies belief. Having desecrated once pristine wildlife habitat they have the brass neck to try claim they are defendants of the landscape. Let’s hope the council have the Cajones to stand up to them and Alex S does not Kow Tow once more tot he Mighty Trump.

    One has to admire the irony however that someone with the name Trump is against wind-farms.

  2. Scotland needs sensible industry like wind and wave technology a hell of a lot more than tourists who will stay home for any number of reasons such as global economic downturn. And we certainly don’t need any more Trump-like “real-estate” investors riding roughshod over our lovely natural enviroment!

  3. You know the plans were eventually passed for this wonderful golf links and resort complex that is an immense amount of inward investment in Scotland.
    Wind farms are a blight on the landscape and seascape for that matter! There are plenty of places to put a few turbines from hidden view without them being in front of a new development in Scotland. We should be grateful Trump wants to do this quite frankly. He has Scottish blood in his roots and the fact people take such aggressive attitude towards Americans is really annoying. For once be grateful and welcome with open arms.

  4. Good Lord. What about this American’s aggressive attitude towards Scots?

    It seems he is not content with saying cruel things about how locals choose to live their lives – even on internationally shown television programmes, where it would impossible for them to respond – or telling such ordinary Scots via the media what neighbours should do to make their homes meet *his* satisfaction.

    Now he wants to control what the view of the *sea* looks like from his golf course? This appear to be a shocking power game.

    He may have had planning permission to build a course & resort, but that’s all. It wasn’t supposed to be an invitation to start trying to model the land & sea to please Mr Trump’s criteria.

    Regarding your comment, Rob, he clearly *has* been welcomed with open arms – and, indeed, the kind of sickly fawning that you see when someone mildly famous turns up at local village fete and people fall over themselves to talk to him about ‘being famous’. It looks pathetic and politicians just seem to be a bit star-struck.

    Are you saying that it is appropriate for Mr. Trump to dictate how Scotland manages its energy plans, just because he is building a golf resort?

    As for the suggestion that the documentary about all this was created in order to make money – well that kind of comment just illustrates perfectly that the Organisation can only think in terms of dollars & profits..
    not the environment..
    not the peace of residents…

    NOT Scotland.

  5. I agree with the Trump Organization in regards to the potential eye-sore that a wind turbine farm could be for a prime real estate investment project…But what I don’t understand is this:

    …Trump has previously blasted the plans, calling them “disastrous and environmentally irresponsible”…

    I found that wikipedia says:

    “Compared to the environmental impact of traditional energy sources, the environmental impact of wind power is relatively minor.”

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