Cannabis cultivation foiled in West Lothian

The cannibas seized was worth an estimated £3,400.

Two men have been arrested and charged after a cannabis cultivation was discovered in West Lothian.

Police in Blackburn carried out a search of an address in East Main Street where a number of plants with an estimated value of £3, 400 were seized.

The men, aged 82 and 46 are scheduled to appear in court at a later date in connection with alleged drug offences.

A police spokesman said: “Lothian and Borders Police are committed to removing drugs from our communities and any intelligence we receive relating to drug crime will be investigated thoroughly.

“All information is handled in the strictest confidence and members of the public who wish to report a crime can do so by visiting their local police station or by contacting the Charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 in complete anonymity.”

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  1. “Lothian and Borders Police are committed to removing drugs from our communities…” Someone should tell them about all the alcohol in shops…oh wait, that drug is legal, so it must be ok…
    I’m sure the police are happy with themselves knowing that they stopped a relatively harmless, medically useful herb from ‘hitting’ the streets. Now everyone can get on with the civilised business of falling around in the street, starting fights and puking, whereas all those nasty stoners who sit with friends in their homes and enjoy a quiet evening are rightly persecuted. Good one.

    Oh and funnily enough, even though this is obvious to anyone with an above average IQ, this will stop nothing. The sacred herb isn’t going to go away because of ignorance and bullying. Too many people know the truth!

  2. Yeah, for God’s sake, get this evil weed off the streets…hahaha. Come on people are you that stupid? Cannabis is completely harmless, not like your booze, which kills thousands of people every year. Marijuana being illegal is totally ridiculous, it is the most therapeutic plant known to man, and people need this medicine.

  3. “While the police pat themselves on the back for getting some easy brownie points the government allow GWPharmaceuticals to grow and market up to 30 tons a year of high quality, high potency cannabis on a science park in kent. They extract all the active ingredients (420 at the last count), bottle it and sell it throughout the world at huge profit. It is cannabis in a bottle – nothing more – nothing less. The government have approved it as safe and effective. What hypocrisy. This law against cannabis only exists for one reason – to protect the interests of Pharmaceutical companies and their investors – including a lot of MPs. We have been conned and it is costing us, the taxpayers, a fortune. Google Sativex if you don’t believe me – and read the small print!”

  4. I live about 7miles from Blackburn in West Lothian, It annoys me to here this if it was only worth £3,400 could not have been much in yield! As long as no1 is selling to children then **** it! Herb is a plant! as Mr B.Marley would Say.

  5. Wow get that 82 year old in jail i bet this was a personal grow.. When you look at the whole situation with weed it just stupid, you can never and will never stop people growing their MEDICINE. Scum bag police and government can’t feed lies forever, the truth is spreading and then you can tell everyone whos lost their jobs been to jail and lost everything sorry are mistake we swear we didn’t know…

  6. Absolutely sick. An 82 year old getting lifted and shamed for growing a plant that is safer and more effective than the garbage our precious pharmaceutical industry churns out. How dare this still go on in this day and age, and how disgusting of the police to continue to use taxpayer money to carry out this type of inhumane persecution in the pretense that it is achieving something good. Is this 1692 Salem or the 2012 UK ?

  7. I cant believe whats happening here!

    Yet another complete waste of public money and time. No wonder this country is borderline bankrupt – oh wait, just maybe you could actually legalise this commodity and earn some tax rather than turning a blind eye and fuelling organised crime with millions of pounds each year.

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