US chat host Ferguson branded traitor over Cumbernauld rant

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Ferguson blasted his home town of Cumbernauld (Picture by Mirka)

A SCOTS-BORN American chat show host has caused outrage after branding Cumbernauld the worst place in Britain.

Craig Ferguson has been called a “traitor” after levelling the attack at his own home town.

Ferguson, who hosts the Late Late show on the US channel CBS, spent two minutes slagging off the new town while interviewing UK journalist, documentary maker and writer Jon Ronson.

He told millions of viewers “there’s only one problem with Scotland: Cumbernauld”.

Making reference to The Idler’s Book of Cr*p Towns, where the Scots town is pipped to the top spot by English city Hull, he said: “It’s a pretty horrible place. It usually wins the prize for second-worst town in the UK. And I have been to Hull and it’s bad, but not as bad as Cumbernauld.”

He agreed when Ronson, whose wife is also from the North Lanarkshire town, added: “Hull’s got rivers, at least it has got a river. The only water Cumbernauld’s got is urine, sort of flowing…

“Everything’s broken, all the windows are broken, all the doors are off their hinges”

Despite Ronson suggesting he may be being a bit harsh Ferguson, who is now a US citizen, said: “No you’re not. You are being very gentle on Cumbernauld, Listen, don’t get me wrong, I love Scotland. I think it’s the other greatest country in the world. But I have to say, there’s only one problem with Scotland: Cumbernauld.”

Cumbernauld has twice been given the Carbuncle award for the being the worst-designed town but locals hit back, branding his comments “absolute nonsense”.

Councillor Gerry McElroy said: “He has no justification for forming an opinion like that. He’s a bit of a traitor going on national US TV and talking this town down.

“I don’t see any reason to be derogatory about Cumbernauld. Everything that’s been said is absolute nonsense and just not justified. When was he last in Cumbernauld? There is noting in this interview that describes Cumbernauld as it is now. It is ridiculous to paint such a picture.”

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3 Comments for “US chat host Ferguson branded traitor over Cumbernauld rant”

  1. all i can say is America can have him. im sure with his arrogance he will fit right in

  2. he`s right it is a dump

  3. I’ve lived in Cumbernauld all my life. And yes it really is a horrible carbuncle, full of chavs, neds, crumbling building, pound shops and a moronic councillors who only make this worse. I don’t blame Craig for getting out of this town, he is doing much better as a result.

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