Animal protesters blast Snow Patrol for “cruel” dolphin pics


A PICTURE of Snow Patrol members swimming with a dolphin in Dubai has prompted a furious backlash from animal lovers across the world.


Scots guitarist Paul Wilson and lead singer Gary Lightbody were photographed with the “resident” dolphin at the  five-star, £350-a-night  Atlantis The Palm resort in the city.


But the PR stunt backfired after animal rights campaigners took to the internet to condemn the band for appearing to support keeping dolphins in captivity.

Lead singer Gary Lightbody and bassist Paul Wilson posed with resident dolphin at the famous Atlantis resort 


The band, who formed in Dundee and have sold millions of records, were in Dubai to headline the city’s Sandance festival.


When the dolphin picture appeared, showing Wilson and Lightbody enjoying a “dolphin encounter”, it sparked a huge row.


One angry blogger, Danielle Marie, wrote: “So Snow Patrol, you endorse cutting off 90% of a dolphin’s life so people can swim with it in an aquarium while the animals dies after a short life from a performing marine version of a concentration camp.


She continued: “Cruel. How dare you? I demand you show humanity now if you possess it by stopping your support for these disgusting marine concentration camp equivalents.”


Another angry blogger, Thomas Reub from Germany, said: “What a pity, that movie stars who had shootings with animals, don’t know about the suffering those captured/captivity-bred dolphins encounter. Dolphins belong in their natural habitat, which can only be the ocean!”


The anger went as far as South Africa with one blogger taking to the net to voice her opinion on the photo-op.


She said: “Snow Patrol- dolphins in captivity are so not cool. They deserve their freedom as much as you – the right to live their full lives where they belong, in the ocean.”



Angry Tweets also started to pour in once the pictures were posted online yesterday.


One Tweeter in South Africa said: “If you’re a fan of Snow Patrol, please let them know that supporting the captive dolphin trade is not cool.”


The photo-op is a favourite with celebrities who visit the luxury resort, attracting the likes of The Only Way Is Essex star Mark Wright as well as Kelly Brook, UB40 star Ali Campbell and Colleen Rooney.


The resort offers the opportunity to swim with their resident dolphin for £150 and promises to be an “unforgettable adventure.”


The resort chose not to make a comment.


No one was available for comment from the band.

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  1. science now understands that dolphins and other cetaceans are non-human people, and are entilted to protection under the law of persons. Campiagns have begun to extend rights to cetaceans, acknowledging their inner lives.

    Being photographed with dolphins is to continue medievalistic anthropocentrism, ie the view that all other beings on this planet are ours to use or misuse as we wish.

    Snowpatrol, please enter the enlightened modern era, and leave perceptual primitivism behind

  2. Yesterday, I loved Snow patrol! Today, I despise them. Supporting animal cruelty makes you cruel! Uncool band! You suck!

  3. Snowpatrol please educate yourself. Dolphins who live in captivity are depressed, alone and sad. They have witnessed the slaughter of their families, their parents, their children and are then taken to a small tank. They have to eat dead fish and do what they are told. If they don’t they get no food. So the choice is do tricks or starvation. Please, please do not ever do this again. If you did not know this, than it is time to educate yourself now and to fire your PR agent, because he/she should have known that people around the world would be angry and saddened by this. And I think you make music to entertain people and to make them feel joy, not sad. Thanx for listening.

    • I agree totally with Gerda’s comment. Many people who visit a captive swim with dolphins programme are unaware of the effect captivity has on the animals or how they were obtained and I am sure they would be horrified if they knew the truth behind the dolphins smile. These particular dolphins were captured from the wild in the Solomon Islands. Charities like the Marine Connection had worked tirelessly previously to this to obtain a ban on the capture and export of dolphins from the Solomons’ for entertainment however when the Atlantis Palm ordered dolphins for this resort, a capture operation ‘persuaded’ the SI Government to over turn the ban and once again start up wild captures. For those interested in the issues surrounding this please visit the campaigns / captivity section of our website and read the truth behind just how patronising marine parks and swim with programmes, feeds the demand for taking these animals from the wild to stock these faciliites. If you love dolphins and whales please do not see them in captivity. Thanks.

  4. Im not sure if I’m reading this correctly but when they say “resident dolphin”, are they saying that this poor, social being lives alone?? Sounds more like an isolation facility to me….

  5. People need to think before they do……….. what about all the non famous people who support this cruel practice they dont get the same wrath. Its easy to attack famous people as your attack get kudos…. if we all stop supporting this it will stop so we should be targetting all the soccer moms (OH but the KIDS JUST LOVE IT DARLING) wipe the botox dribble off your cheek take the chip on your shoulder off dip it in a fresh batch of reality and CHEW ON IT. Not a HUMAN FAN.

  6. Snow Patrol and their dolphin captive resort have now become accomplices in “silence”, their irresponsible and ironically even more negative-exposure/character revealing reaction to being exposed for what they are, a supporter and provider of a dolphin world of cruelty. Snow Patrol, if your worried about fans losing interest, you should already know this as (obviously posing) rock stars: No one supports cowardly or proud narcissistic/irresponsible behavior. You’ve just exposed yourselves and your bands image as frauds. If you admitted it and began a lifestyle that doesn’t support these creatures deaths, as a free species, people would probably forgive, than respect, possibly even commend you. Rick O’Barry led a similar route, heard of him? You can also change, if you have the humanity.

    By not having the balls to admit it, you’ve just shown us what your made of, and it’s even more revolting than the first reveal your “suddenly silent” picture gave us: You are biased towards free specie’s RIGHT TO LIVE, CRUELTY ENDORSING, AND NOW ACCOMPLICES IN THE WORLDWIDE CAPTIVITY, MODERN MARINE HOLOCAUST-LIKE DOLPHIN INDUSTRY OF DEATH THROUGH YOUR REFUSAL TO ADDRESS YOUR OWN ACTIONS.

  7. Snow Patrol, that dolphin you’re posing with is NOT happy! It is suffering and will die a premature death because of ignorant people like you who pay for a photo-op or self-centered interaction with them. Educate yourselves! And go buy yourselves some compassion!

  8. In defence of holiday makers/people who take photos with dolphins. People (Rock Stars are people too) really love marine animals. They also know that the mammal is not in it’s natural habitat and have conflicting feelings about swimming with these majestic creatures. One of the feelings which may mute all others is the overwhelming feeling of Awe; of being so close to such a beautiful creature.

    Same goes for visitors to marine parks. Watching dolphins and killer whales perform tricks is as ghastly as watching circus animals perform; yet we go in drones to these parks and take our youngsters with us, hoping that the next generation is being inspired to protect these species because as visitors to these attractions we don’t know how.

    Our level of awareness in regards to what can be done is sparse. It is not helpful to hear aggressive words by activist on the subject or be given a link to a website that shows what cruelty is endured by the animals.

    It would be more constructive to have the collective passion towards the protection of these majestic mammals (as well as other species) directed to changing legislation, in order that their the capture and show casing is stopped. (including sharks – to stopping their finning). We should endeavour to have legislation implemented on how the imprisoned marine creatures could be reintroduced back int to the wild or be rehabilitated so that they don’t have to jump through hoops to earn their keep.

    Another reason not to point the finger of blame, even if we all turn vegan or vegetarian, we will still impact the ecosystem, we eat foods that travel by road, we wear clothes that use energy to be manufactured, we buy and use computers with questionable ethical standards for the work force’s well being. Until recently we ate unsustainable fish in Europe. Dolphins, turtles and seals still get trapped through various fishing methods. Don’t get me started on off shore oil drilling and it’s consequences on marine life.

    To say that you loved the band one day and hated the same band the next is very puzzling especially as their track record with Amnesty Int. and charity work is well documented.

    Instead of attacking my favourite musicians who were the end consumer in this instance, let’s put our energy into questioning the hotel that houses the aquarium at the foot of guest’s beds or the country’s reclamation of land from the sea and what that means for aquatic life. Let’s also spend a minute to think of the poor workers who are building these pleasure palaces for holiday makers. If dolphins and whales are human-like then let’s love the human builders who are working in unimaginable conditions.

    Last but not least, a criticism towards the shoddy journalism shown by this paper… The follow up article quoting various angry responses is really badly written and one dimensional. You never really attempt to find out about the well- being of the dolphin in question and are so easily satisfied by the statement released by the hotel? Why? And why not investigate why holiday makers are being encouraged to take photos with wildlife in the first place? Let’s try and ban this practice instead.

  9. calm right down, it’s a dolphin! no-one starts greeting when it’s a wee girl dying of cancer swimming with dolphins. go hug a tree!

  10. Hey, I’m from the future of an alternate timeline where that dolphin did grow up in the wild. Our extensive dolphin tracking system shows this particular dolphin dying at an age of one. In the wild. Cause of death? Ate a poison fish.

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