Scots stars pay tribute to their Scottish mums for Mothers Day


SCOTS STARS Sir Sean Connery and Donald Trump believe they owe their success to their Scottish mothers, it has been revealed.

Sir Sean Connery said he learned many valuable lessons from his mother, who earned her living as a cleaner.

He said: “My mother’s name was Euphemia but everyone called her Effie. She taught me many great lessons about how to treat people and how to behave. On of them is very vivid to this day.”

Sir Sean Connery said he learnt a very valuable lesson from his Scots mother 

“At about the age of seven I took a sixpence from her purse to buy a treat for me and a friend. When my mother found that I had nicked the sixpence, she packed my bag and threatened to send me to a “home”. Needless to say, her threat really set me straight.

The movie star, best known for his role as James Bond, said that more mothers should think about a career in politics.

“Today’s mothers are particularly good at solving problems and more of them should go into politics,” he said.

And billionaire Donald Trump has also attributed his success as one of the world’s most successful businessmen to his beloved mother.

Trump said that his mother Anne McLeod, from Lewis, inspired him to develop his controversial golf course inAberdeen.

He said that she is to thank for his “no nonsense” approach to business.

Speaking about Anne, who died in 2000, he said: “She was supportive but also strict. She didn’t put up with nonsense, and her strength was apparent.

“She also had the ability to let you know she cared. I think my strengths as a parent can be attributed to both of my parents, as well as my success in business. Being careless wasn’t tolerated.”

The tycoon’s mother forced him to go to military school at a young age to keep him out of trouble.

“She told me I’d have to learn to focus. I wasn’t a bad kid but I got in scuffles on occasion.

“Going to military school helped that aggression to be put to good use, and the discipline has served me well. In that environment I had to focus my behaviour while learning to be a team player. But her comment on focus is something that has stayed with me.”

Alex Salmond also thanked his Scots mum for her career advise 

Alex Salmond has also admitted that his mother is to thank for his political career as she convinced him not to take a job as a factory worker.

Salmond left school at 15 to work at a brickworks factory but his Linlithgow mother arranged for him to be given the most “back-breaking jobs” so that he would change his mind and go to university.

The first minister said: “She was an incredible woman. I think for every boy a mother is the most important person in their life.

“My mother did everything for me as she did for all her children. When you lose your mother, there’s nothing in life that prepares you for that.”