£1million drug dealer ordered to hand over cash


A DRUG dealer has had £64,000 confiscated after pleading guilty to supplying cannabis worth almost £1 million.

The High Court ordered Colin Wilson, 40, to hand over the cash after he was jailed for the offence last year.

Wilson, from Glasgow, was sentenced to five years and seven months imprisonment for the crime.

Wilson pled guilty to dealing cannabis worth almost £1 million  Photo:Jon Richfield

Lindsey Miller, head of the Serious and Organised Crime Division (SOCD), said: “Colin Wilson was observed on three separate occasions between 2 March 2011 and 6 May 2011 dealing in a significant quantity of cannabis resin, totalling almost £1million in potential ‘street’ value.

“We are using the Proceeds of Crime Act to disrupt the activities of drug dealers, depriving them of their illegal profits to prevent them from re-investing in further criminal activity.

“We are content that today’s confiscation order for £64,000 represents the sum available to the Crown at this time.

“This money will be added to the £60 million already recovered using the Proceeds of Crime Act, and will be re-invested by Scottish Ministers through the CashBack for Communities programme.”

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