Letters stolen from postie’s car


A BAG of mail has been stolen from the car of a Royal Mail employee.

Thieves also took two Royal mail jackets from the 34-year-old postie’s car after he parked it on West Pilton Avenue, Edinburgh.

The theft happened sometime between 11.30am and 12.45am on Tuesday.

The Royal Mail employee left his car for just over an hour

A police spokesman said: “These items have no significant financial value. However, the mail could be of a personal nature and the clothing may allow the suspect to pose as a Royal Mail employee.

“Anyone who witnessed this incident or who saw anything suspicious in the West Pilton Avenue area yesterday morning is asked to contact police immediately.

“The public is also reminded to ask for identification from anyone requesting access to your property.

“Always check with the company they claim to represent if you are uncertain and if you’re still not satisfied, then call the police.”

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