Comedian Boyle has road rage argument on Twitter


CONTROVERSIAL Scots comedian Frankie Boyle is involved in a road rage argument – on Twitter.

The Glasgow-based comedian rowed with a driver as he and his daughter were walking along Dumbarton Road and almost collided with a car.

The two men had an altercation in the street that has now become a bitter online battle.

The son of the driver tweeted the 39-year-old Boyle today, claiming: “My dad says, next time you want commit hara kiri on Dumbarton Road, get someone else to pick up your daughter!.”

Boyle appears to have invented the road rage argument by tweet


Boyle tweeted back: “Haha! your dad knows that he’s supposed to indicate before he turns, and that he’s a fat d***. I told him both those things.”

Back came the reply: “Surely you should know by now that you’re meant to look left and right before crossing the road? Especially with a kid. T***.”

Boyle’s rejoinder was mostly unprintable but concluded with the words: “Quit while you’re behind. Blocked.”

The young twitter user replied: “Can’t accept that you were in the wrong? My dad is a bit fat but it could be worse, my dad could be you.”

After being blocked by the Scot’s comedian, the young man explained to one his twitter friends what the argument was about. He wrote: “They exchanged words and my dad ask me to tweet him.”

Not shy of Twitter controversy, the Scots comedian angered animal lovers earlier this year by tweeting that it would be funny if Edinburgh Zoo’s pandas died, writing, “I genuinely just had a wee chuckle at the thought of those pandas dying. How sh**e that would be for Scotland. How appropriate. Night”.

In December last year glamour model Katie Price urged people to boycott Channel 4 after Boyle made a joke about her disabled son, Harvey.

He was also slammed for a tasteless joke following the appearance of the parents of missing Madeline McCann at the Leveson Inquiry into press standards.

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