The cheque that gave birth to the superhero


IN 1938, DC Comics payed $130 to two young men from Cleveland for the rights to a comic character known as Superman.

From this, DC comics spawned Batman, Wonder-woman, and countless other comic book characters that originated from the inital superhero.

The $130 check that bought Superman is now available for purchase, for the amount of $25,000. Bidding is currently ongoing as collectors and investors clamber to the battle armed with their credit cards.

The original creators of Superman Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster found themselves embroiled in a heated legal battle in the 1970’s regarding the rights to Superman, which they ultimately lost against DC comics.

This was considered to be the end of the 35 year long dispute, until Congress passed the 1976 Copyright Act that allowed creators to take back certain copyrighted works under certain conditions, which would in turn launch the next 35-year high-stakes battle that is still not fully settled.

This is the check that bought Superman and is currently being sold for $25,000

The check was lost amidst a mountain of old court documents which had accumulated over the years of the dispute which were eventually thrown out. The check has now been recovered and is being sold on ComicConnect.

ComicConnect claimed:

“This item is completely different, a truly unique pop-culture artifact. The value must be considered in the same breath as the most valuable contracts, checks and signatures known to exist in the collecting world.”

You can check out how the bidding is going here.


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