Cassius Clay takes a tumble in mud-hole


A hedgehog is recovering after being found covered in thick clay at the bottom of a trench in Stirlingshire.

The SSPCA was called to rescue the unfortunate hog after a young boy spotted him struggling to move in the open drain while he was playing outside his home at Murrayfield Terrace in Bannockburn.

The hedgehog struggled to breath through the thick mud

Inspector Louise Seddon arrived to rescue the hedgehog and took him straight to the Scottish SPCA’s Wildlife Rescue Centre in Fife where he is now receiving treatment and care.  Staff have named him Cassius Clay.

Inspector Seddon said, “Cassius was very lucky to be found as he would not have survived much longer in the mud-filled trench.

Staff say he was lucky to survive

“This is the first hedgehog incident I’ve attended this year so it’s possible that he had just emerged from hibernation and accidentally fallen into the drain.

“Hedgehogs normally lose some weight and condition after months of hibernating, so he may have been disorientated while foraging for food.

The animal was rescued from a trench in Bannockburn

“We bathed Cassius as soon as he got to our centre and we removed almost 80 grams of mud and clay from his body. The mud caked on his face was making it very difficult for him to breathe properly but he is now slowly showing signs of recovery.

“We hope Cassius will live up to his name and prove himself to be a little fighter as we’d love to return him back to the wild fit and well.”


Anyone who discovers an injured or distressed animal should call the Scottish SPCA Animal Helpline on 03000 999 999.

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