Irn Bru gets you through: Drinks giant launches new ad campaign


THE next chapter in Irn Bru’s advertising history has been unveiled today with a series of new TV and cinema adverts inspired by Scots’ irrepressible character.

Irn Bru’s iconic marketing campaigns have helped to make the brand famous over the years – be it ‘Scotland’s Other National Drink’, ‘The Soft Drink for Hard Men’, ‘Made in Scotland from Girders’ or ‘Phenomenal’.

Irn Bru helps one man deal with his girlfriend turning his bachelor pad pink – and moving in her mum

The latest flagship campaign celebrates Scots’ ability to bounce back from tough situations with determination and by having a sense of humour about whatever life throws at them.

Each of the three new 30-second adverts brings to life the campaign mantra ‘Irn Bru gets you through’, and takes a tongue-in-cheek look at how a taste of the nation’s best-loved soft drink can reinvigorate you and give you the strength to cope with even the most cringe worthy ‘nightmare’ scenarios.

A teenager catches his parents “In flagrante” – but jokes about it thanks to Irn Bru

Steamy Windows’ puts our guy in the midst of the tricky situation of walking in on his parents getting amorous while in ‘Pink Bomb’ a lad’s pad is turned into a girly hellhole.

A third advert will also be released as part of the ‘Irn Bru gets you through’ campaign, which is set to run over 14 weeks.

The campaign is set to run for 14 weeks

Irn Bru Head of Marketing, Adrian Troy, said: “The uplifting and reinvigorating qualities of Irn Bru have never been more relevant than now – a time when it could be easy to get fed up with the weather, the football or the economy.

“Scots are well known for dealing with life’s ups and downs in a down to earth way and by retaining a sense of humour. It’s that spirit and attitude which has inspired our new campaign which is all about offering some light relief and showing how Irn Bru gets you through.”

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