Man covered in excrement after falling into sewer


EMERGENCY crews had to hose down a casualty before taking him to hospital – after he fell in to a sewer.

The unfortunate 62-year-old fell through a manhole and plunged 7ft into the sewer below.

Fire, police and ambulance crews were called to the scene in Roslin Glen, Midlothian, to find the victim conscious but covered from head to foot in waste.

Ambulance and rescue teams attended the scene in Midlothian  

Rescuers said the casualty had been walking in the wooded area this morning when he fell through the manhole.

A spokeswoman from the ambulance service said: “A man fell 7ft into a man hole which called for a rapid response.

“The man landed on his back and sustained back injuries which are not life threatening.

“Crew descended into the hole and used a stretcher to rescue the man but because of the nature of the hole, it took some time to successfully remove him.”

Once removed from the sewer half an hour later, the 62-year-old was treated by the ambulance team.

But before he could be taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, the man had to be “decontaminated”.

The ambulance spokeswoman said: “He was covered in sewage. We gave him a wash down before he was taken away in an ambulance.”

The spokeswoman said that 10 members of the emergency team needed a clean up at the scene.

She added: “They had to change their uniforms and boots when they came back.”

The man is now being treated for his injuries at the Royal Infirmary.

Roslin Glen is a popular walking spot and is just minutes away from the historicRosslynCastleand the chapel, made famous by the Da Vinci Code film.

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